Who are The Apprentice 2024 candidates? Meet the season 18 contestants

1 February 2024, 17:32

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The Apprentice will return in 2024. Picture: BBC/Naked

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Who are The Apprentice contestants? It's time to meet the 2024 candidates.

The Apprentice is back for 2024, with 18 brand new candidates competing for Lord Alan Sugar's investment.

Alongside Karren Brady, 54, and Tim Campbell, 46, Lord Sugar will put the contestants through their paces as they try to show them why they deserve the £250,000 prize. With shopping tasks, hospitality challenges and the dreaded final interviews, this series is set to be bigger and better than ever.

The Apprentice has made stars out of Saira Khan, 53, and Thomas Skinner, 33, who have gone on to carve out successful media careers. But who are The Apprentice 2024 contestants? Here is everything you need to know.

Here are The Apprentice contestants...

Lord Alan Sugar will be joined by trusted aides Baroness Brady and Tim Campbell MBE for the new series.
Lord Alan Sugar will be joined by trusted aides Baroness Brady and Tim Campbell MBE for the new series. Picture: The Apprentice @ BBC Pictures

Meet The Apprentice candidates

Dr. Asif Munaf

Dr. Asif Munaf on The Apprentice
Dr. Asif Munaf is taking part in The Apprentice . Picture: BBC Pictures

Dr. Asif Munaf is the owner of a wellness brand from Sheffield.

When asked about himself, Dr Asif said: "I’ve got an extremely high IQ. I’ve got an extremely high bench press. And to top it off, I’m quite good on the eyes."

Amina Khan

Amina Khan on The Apprentice
Amina Khan is on The Apprentice . Picture: BBC Pictures

Amina is a Pharmacist and Business Owner from Ilford.

Speaking of her biggest business success to date, Amina said: "I started my business from zero and made my first turnover of £1 million within two years of launching my skincare and supplements brand. I achieved all this with no investment, no business background, no social media following and only in-house marketing. To think, I couldn’t even afford a cheeky Nando’s three years ago!"

Flo Edwards

Flo Edwards on The Apprentice
Flo Edwards is a contestant on The Apprentice . Picture: BBC Pictures

Flo Edwards is a Recruitment Consultant from London.

Speaking about why she deserves Lord Sugar's investment, Flo said: "I don't necessarily deserve Lord Sugar’s investment more than anyone else in the process; I have a great business and I have a proven track record of generating revenue.

"However, equality, diversity and inclusion is at the core of the business so with Lord Sugar's experience with scaling recruitment businesses we can expedite this positive impact (alongside profits!)."

Noor Bouziane

Noor Bouziane on The Apprentice
Noor Bouziane is looking for investment on The Apprentice. Picture: BBC Pictures

Noor Bouziane is the owner of a jewellery company from Liverpool.

When asked what her biggest business failure to date is: "My biggest business failure so far has been ordering a large amount of stock from a supplier that sadly delivered me very poor-quality jewellery, which was not up to standard for my business."

Jack Davies

Jack Davies on The Apprentice
Jack Davies is taking part in The Apprentice. Picture: BBC Pictures

Jack Davies is a Recruitment Director from Bristol.

His biggest business success to date is: "My biggest success to date is achieving five promotions in seven years, reaching director level within recruitment."

Foluso Falade

Foluso Falade on The Apprentice
Foluso Falade is on The Apprentice this year. Picture: BBC Pictures

Foluso Falade is a Project Manager from Manchester.

When asked to say something nobody knows about her, Foluso said: "My passion for business comes from my mother who has owned a shop in Manchester for 25 years - my entire life. I’ve always been inspired by her perseverance, and passion to keep growing and she’s inspired me to take a leap of faith and believe in myself."

Maura Rath

Maura Rath on The Apprentice
Maura Rath is on The Apprentice . Picture: BBC Pictures

Maura Rath is the owner of a yoga company from Wexford.

When asked about her biggest business fail, Maura said: "My biggest lesson was buying into the hype and the sales pitch of a custom app, which was an expensive experiment and wasn’t the best experience for me or my customers. All this learning was poured into my new mobile-friendly website, which is working great!"

Oliver Medforth

Oliver Medforth on The Apprentice
Oliver Medforth. He says: "I am a selling machine.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Oliver Medforth is a Sales Executive from Yorkshire.

When asked to tell the public something they don't know about him, Oliver said: "I really hope there is a selling task because this is where I will dominate and prove to Lord Sugar, I am a selling machine. I work the markets selling gin and tonic and there aren’t many customers that leave without buying."

Onyeka Nweze

Onyeka Nweze on The Apprentice
Onyeka Nweze says: "My business is going to be making 10 million within the first 5 years.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Onyeka Nweze is a Chartered Company Secretary from London.

When asked what her biggest business success to date is, Onyeka said: "I believe my biggest success in business so far has been building my great corporate career to where it is to date."

Paul Bowen

Paul Bowen on The Apprentice
Paul Bowen says: "I could make Lord Sugar the Lord of the Pies.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Paul Bowen is the Director of a pie company from Lancashire.

When asked why he deserves Lord Alan Sugar's investment, Paul said: "I’m seeking investment of Lord Sugar’s time and knowledge. I have great ideas and great business acumen, along with a work hard attitude. My organisation and planning is my weakness. But with Lord Sugar’s strategy and my passion and ideas, I could make him Lord of the Pies."

Dr. Paul Midha

Dr. Paul Midha is on The Apprentice
Dr. Paul Midha says "I am enthusiastic about learning from one of the UK's most successful.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Dr. Paul Midha is the owner of a dentist group from Leeds.

When asked about his biggest business success to date, Paul said: "After graduating as a dentist, I diligently saved a 20% deposit upon the acquisition of my first dental practice and invested every resource, leaving just £100 in my account, and dedicated myself to the practice.

"Over 15 months of unwavering dedication, the practice's valuation soared to an astounding £900,000—an exceptional growth of over five times its initial value."

Rachel Woolford

Rachel Woolford is on The Apprentice
Rachel Woolford says: "I have no doubt that starting up during Covid made me a tougher person all round.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Rachel Woolford is Boutique Fitness Studio Owner from Leeds.

When asked to tell the public something they don't know about them, Rachel said: "When I was seven years old, I went missing, only for my frantically worried mum to find me by the roadside selling my toys shaking a biscuit tin full of coins and shouting 'toys for sale, everything must go today!'"

Phil Turner

Phil Turner is on The Apprentice
Phil Turner says: "You don't grow a multi-million-pound business by being a pushover.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Phil Turner is the owner of a pie company from Bognor Regis.

When asked about his biggest business success to date, Phil said: "My biggest business success would be buying my parents' small bakery at the age of 21 and building it into a seven-figure profitable business."

Raj Chohan

Raj Chohan is on The Apprentice
Raj Chohan says: "I want to be a multi-millionaire by 50!". Picture: BBC Pictures

Raj Chohan is a Mortgage Broker from Leamington Spa.

When asked why she deserves Lord Sugar's investment, Raj said: "I have business acumen and drive to succeed with all the attributes to scale up this business. I have life experience and maturity and I'm considerate yet very determined to reach my goals.

"My business is already working with the opportunity to take advantage of a more profitable way to make an income. Working with me, I am receptive to change and take feedback well. I value experience and professional advice. I want to be the UK’s leading lady within the bridging world of finance!"

Sam Saadet

Sam Saadet is on The Apprentice
Sam Saade says: "I have a business that truly helps others.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Sam Saade is a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach from Essex.

When asked what their biggest business success, Sam said: "Launching my pre and post-natal fitness app whilst looking after two young children, already helping lots of mums like myself."

Steve Darken

Steve Darken is on The Apprentice
Steve Darken says: "Don't judge me by my suit and tie – I'm not just another corporate!". Picture: BBC Pictures

Steve Darken is a Management Consultant from London.

When asked what his biggest business success to date is, Steve said: "There have been a few! I broke into consulting on the strength of my project work and growing reputation with clients.

"Since then, I’ve gone on to partner with some of the biggest companies in the world - crafting strategies that have boosted their bottom line by millions, and leading projects that have transformed businesses into market leaders. But my proudest achievement? Proving that you can succeed in business without being a jerk! Keeping humble (usually) and working with integrity and compassion."

Tre Lowe

Tre Lowe is on The Apprentice
Tre Lowe says: "I am going to change the world and create a legacy that reverberates through time.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Tre Lowe is Music & Wellness Entrepreneur from London.

When asked about his biggest business fail, Tre said: "Probably the time when I had to give up DJing, due to severe tinnitus. I decided to monetise something else I loved - working out. I created a Personal Training & well-being business. I got my level three PT qualification, where it quickly dawned on me that in the world of Personal Training, PTs I spoke to were far more interested in poaching clients, than being part of a brand."

Virdi Singh Mazaria

Virdi Singh Mazaria is on The Apprentice
Virdi Singh Mazaria says: "DJ. Host. MC. The other candidates are just extras on my journey to the top.". Picture: BBC Pictures

Virdi Singh Mazaria is a Music Producer from Leicester.

When asked about his biggest business success, Virdi said: "One of my most notable business achievements was having the privilege to produce a track for Sidhu Moose Wala, a prominent figure in the Punjabi music scene. This accomplishment is paralleled by another significant success in my career - to DJ worldwide from the age of 18. Today, I take pride in having showcased my DJ skills in seven countries."

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