Who’s Nicola Coughlan dating? What we know about her rumoured co-star boyfriend

24 June 2024, 12:19

Rumours have begun swirling that Nicola Coughlan might no longer be single
Rumours have begun swirling that Nicola Coughlan might no longer be single. Picture: Getty/Instagram: @eamonfarren

By Tiasha Debray

Nicola Coughlan might have found love outside of Bridgerton with rumours swirling about her dating life. So is Nicola single? If not, who’s she’s dating? Here’s what we know.

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Nicola Coughlan has fast become a household name, especially after her recent portrayal as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton series 3.

Her on-screen chemistry with costar Luke Newton who played Colin Bridgerton in the show had rumours swirling that the pair’s friendship had turned into a romance off-screen too.

However, it seems like it wasn’t this on-screen romance that fans should have been looking out for because new rumours have begun swirling about our Lady Whistledown and a certain co-star from her other show Big Mood which dropped in 2024.

So is Nicola Coughlan single? Who is she dating? Here’s what we know.

Nicola Coughlan could be dating a co star
Nicola Coughlan could be dating a co star. Picture: Getty

Is Nicola Coughlan single?

Nicola’s dating status is currently unconfirmed however, gossip site DeuxMoi was the one who initially brought attention to the fact that the Irish actress has been seen recently wearing a new Irish Claddagh ring.

Nicola supposedly requested a bespoke Claddagh ring for the Galway premiere of the show.

As a Galway girl herself she wanted to go all out, but what this also means is that she’s intimately familiar with the meaning behind the ring.

She decided to wear the ring on her right hand with the heart facing inwards which signifies that your heart is taken.

Fans have taken the gesture to TikTok to discuss and a number of them agreed on the sentiment that Nicola knew exactly what she was doing.

One fan wrote, “Guys, the Claddagh ring is pretty significant to Irish people. If you’re wearing one, especially if you’ve gone to the effort to request it… You take care with the way you wear it and the symbolism.”

Who is Nicola Coughlan dating?

So if Nicola’s heart is taken, then who is she dating? Officially? Nicola hasn’t gone public with anyone yet. But unofficially? Purely speculatively? Fans have been linking everyone’s favourite Bridgerton star to Australian actor Eamon Farren who she worked with on Big Mood.

You might recognise Eamon from his work as Cahir in The Witcher. Eamon almost appeared in the 2017 reboot of Twin Peaks as well as the 2016 film Lion alongside Dev Patel.

According to DeuxMoi, fans have reportedly seen Eamon and Nicola “hanging out together” and the pair publicly share an incredibly flirty banter with one another online.

Nicola most recently shared some pictures of her at the Barbie premiere and Eamon has left a comment that read, “You’re a damn dream.”

So while yes, they could just be friends and she could just be wearing the Claddagh ring to highlight the journey of self-love her character goes through in the show she was promoting, we’d like to think romance is in the air.

Supposedly an anonymous source spoke to DeuxMoi early in 2024 revealing the relationship when the two actors were seen on a dinner date in Mayfair in January.

Nicola Coughlan starred alongside Eamon Farren in Big Mood
Nicola Coughlan starred alongside Eamon Farren in Big Mood. Picture: Instagram: @eamonfarren

“They were very cosy and kept to themselves, Nicola was glowing! Get the Bridgerton glow, girl!” the source told the gossip site.

“They star together in a TV show called Big Mood… I have no idea if it is romantic or not but they grew very close while filming.”

With Nicola’s career skyrocketing in the last few years, the Derry Girl’s star has been thrust into the limelight and her personal life has been exposed to the world, so it’s no wonder the actress is doing her best to keep things quiet.

But with her Bridgerton Costar Luke Newton going public with his girlfriend as part 2 of the series dropped earlier this month, perhaps Nicola will feel comfortable doing the same.

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