Bridgerton fans start petition to bring back 'deleted' Colin and Penelope scenes

20 June 2024, 11:10

Fans are demanding Netflix release 'deleted' scenes between Penelope and Colin on Bridgerton
Fans are demanding Netflix release 'deleted' scenes between Penelope and Colin on Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix/Liam Daniel

By Hope Wilson

Bridgerton fans claim there are secret steamy scenes between Colin and Penelope that were cut from season three, leading to viewers creating a petition to reinstate them.

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Bridgerton fans have set up a petition to demand Netflix release 'deleted' saucy scenes between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, which were reportedly cut from the final season three edit.

While viewers fell in love with Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton's chemistry on the show, it has been claimed that the series was even spicier than what was shown in the final cut.

According to lucky fans who were chosen to see part two of Bridgeton in advance, there were a number of sultry scenes which failed to make it to the last version of the show. This has led 'Polin' lovers to create a petition to restore the deleted scenes.

The petition claims that Penelope and Colin had '78 minutes of screen time in their own season' compared to '113 minutes' for Saphne (Simon Bassett and Daphne Bridgerton in season one) and '89 minutes' for Kanthony (Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton in season two).

Bridgerton fans claim there have been many Penelope and Colin scenes 'deleted' from the final edit
Bridgerton fans claim there have been many Penelope and Colin scenes 'deleted' from the final edit. Picture: Instagram/Nicola Coughlan

According to the petition, screeners noted a number of scenes which were cut from season three including, an 'angry kissing scene' between Colin and Penelope, 'Colin whispering sweet nothing's to Pen in front of the mirror' and a 'long, intimate scene' between the lovebirds.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered over 65,000 signatures, with fans also posting on social media to raise awareness of the missing clips.

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, one user wrote: "Please Bridgerton! Please give us the deleted Polin scenes! We adore Luke and Nicola and so badly want to see those scenes!"

Another added: "Please sign this!! We could have had the romance we were promised but they cut it out"

With a third stating: "Please sign this petition!! We need to reach more people."

Penelope and Colin were the focus of Bridgerton season three
Penelope and Colin were the focus of Bridgerton season three. Picture: Netflix/Liam Daniel

While neither Nicola nor Luke have commented on the rumours of these romantic scenes being deleted, they have spoken out regarding their explosive connection.

Their famous carriage scene gained an immense response online, however Nicola told Heart Breakfast's Jamie Theakston and Davina McCall that she found her first kiss with Luke 'terrifying'.

The 37-year-old actress confessed: "I was almost more nervous for the first kiss, it was terrifying. So we got to practise it before we filmed it which was great because it takes the pressure off."

She continued: "We had an intimacy coordinator with us so we did it in my trailer. It felt like being a teenager at school when you’re like we’re going to arrange to have this kiss. It was like, what if it’s weird and what if our faces don’t go together properly?"

Watch Nicola and Luke talk about filming Bridgerton here:

Bridgerton stars Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton talk THAT carriage scene 👀

Luckily fans were able to see the electric connection between Penelope and Colin, leading to this season of Bridgerton being streamed millions of times.

Season four of the show has been confirmed, however who the series will focus on is still under wraps.

Many viewers are hoping Benedict Bridgerton will step into the spotlight, whilst others are keeping their finger's crossed for Eloise's season to come next. We can't wait to find out!

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