Bridgerton easter eggs that hint Benedict could lead season 4

21 June 2024, 13:13

Benedict Bridgerton could be the focus of season four
Benedict Bridgerton could be the focus of season four. Picture: Netflix

By Hope Wilson

Rumours are rife surrounding who the Bridgerton season 4 lead is, and we've noticed a few clues that hint Benedict could be the focus of the next series.

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Bridgerton season three has just ended, meaning we’re already desperate for series four to be released!

While the plot of the upcoming season has not been revealed, fans are busy guessing which Bridgerton sibling will come to the forefront. Rumours of Eloise, Francesca and Hyacinth being the protagonist of future episodes have been flying, however the majority of the fandom are convinced Benedict will be the lead.

The Bridgerton book series tells the story of Benedict meeting his future love interest Sophie Beckett, and now viewers are piecing together various clues in series three which hint that we could see this romance play out in the next season.

Here are some of the Bridgerton easter eggs which suggest Benedict could be the star of season four. Warning spoilers ahead...

Benedict Bridgerton is a fan favourite on the show
Benedict Bridgerton is a fan favourite on the show. Picture: Netflix

The upcoming masquerade ball

During the final episode of series three, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a massive clue which hinted that Benedict's love story could be told in season four.

Towards the end of the episode Eloise reveals she is spending a year away from London, but would make sure she returned soon as she couldn't miss her mother's masquerade ball.

Those who have read the books know that Benedict meets his wife Sophie at a masquerade ball, so could this be the very one? Only time shall tell!

Viewers are hoping Benedict will be the lead of season four of Bridgerton
Viewers are hoping Benedict will be the lead of season four of Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix/Liam Daniel

Lady Whistledown's column

Known for causing a stir in the ton, Lady Whistledown's column has also stirred up rumours in the Bridgerton fandom.

Her final letter of season three has given life to Benedict rumours, as some viewers believe Penelope could be writing about Sophie.

The text speaks of a man spending time with an unmarried lady, reading: "Of course, she naturally had family to visit in the country and has rarely been seen around London since. However, that was a few years ago now and has long since been forgotten."

This is similar to Sophie's backstory, with many fans believing Pen could be writing about Benedict.

Lady Whistledown's column hinted at a new romance in the ton
Lady Whistledown's column hinted at a new romance in the ton. Picture: Netflix

Benedict's season three teaser

Prior to season three airing, a number of teaser clips with the cast were shared on social media.

Benedict's video involves a persuasive Lady Whistledown encouraging the Bridgerton favourite to enter society and find a partner. Fans online are convinced that this a subtle nod to Benedict's upcoming romance in season four.

Watch Benedict Bridgerton's teaser here:

Benedict Bridgerton appears in season three teaser

Talk of the future

Towards the end of the last episode, the narrator speaks of looking towards the future while the camera focusses on Benedict.

This is a pretty obvious clue if we've ever seen one!

Benedict and Eloise have a close bond
Benedict and Eloise have a close bond. Picture: Netflix/Liam Daniel

Benedict's comment to Eloise

Shortly after Lady Whistledown mentions looking towards the future at the end of season three, Benedict makes a comment to Eloise which viewers believe is a subtle series four hint.

Turning to his sister, the second eldest Bridgerton speaks about his feelings, saying: "The next thing I might learn may change me entirely."

Unfortunately we'll have to wait a little long until it is officially confirmed who will lead season four, but we have our finger's crossed for Benedict!

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