Shock Line Of Duty fan theory claims Steve Arnott is H

29 April 2021, 10:45

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Is Line Of Duty's Steve Arnott a bent copper? Here's some clues you might have missed.

Let’s face it, Line of Duty’s Steve Arnott is our favourite AC-12 officer.

He’s been in it from the start and we’re pretty certain he’s one of the good guys.

But now some fans of the show have suggested Martin Compston’s character has been playing us this entire time.

Firstly, there was the scene where Steve went round to Steph Corbitt’s house, and the letter H was spotted on a wall tile behind him.

Some viewers think Steve Arnott could be H
Some viewers think Steve Arnott could be H. Picture: BBC

While this seems like it could just be a coincidence, the same thing can be seen happening in the finale trailer.

If you look very closely, Steve appears on screen just as the letter 'H' pops up in the subtitles, while Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) is speaking about the last bent copper.

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You might not be convinced, but other fans also spotted a moment during a secret meeting with Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) in a recent episode.

In the scene, Steve sent his colleague a text to let her know he was nearby, and when he spotted her leaving, he flashed his car lights.

However, fans noticed that Steve flashed them four times, which is morse code for ‘H’.

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“Steve Arnott flashed the lights 4 times. 4 in morse code is the letter H. DAMN. #LineOfDuty,” said one person on Twitter.

Another wrote: “Ahhh I like the signal, morse code for the letter H #LineOfDuty”.

What’s more, Steve has also been sharing information with Kate the whole series, leading many fans to suspect the pair of them are working together.

“Just started and caught up watching @Line_of_duty Steve is 100% H,” said one person on Twitter, adding: “Has to be someone who’s been in it from the start and Steve is the first proper character to appear.

Another wrote: “My theory is that Steve is involved, and possibly Kate - and once Hastings realizes how deep the institutional corruption goes - inside his team - it will absolutely break him.”

While a third added: “I reckon Steve Arnott is H #LineofDuty.”

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