Who is H in Line of Duty? All the suspects revealed ahead of season 6 finale

26 April 2021, 14:03

All the Line of Duty 'H' odds revealed
All the Line of Duty 'H' odds revealed. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

DCS Patricia Carmichael has been revealed as the most likely to be H in new odds.

After months and months of waiting, Line of Duty fans might finally find out who ‘H’ is on Sunday.

With the sixth season coming to an end this week, there are thousands of theories circulating online.

And now the formidable DCS Patricia Carmichael has become the most likely to be the 'Fourth Person', following her suspicious behaviour during the penultimate episode.

Firstly, Carmichael (played by Anna Maxwell Martin) was a little too keen to avoid asking about the OCG when questioning Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald).

Line of Duty's Jo Davidson is played by Kelly MacDonald
Line of Duty's Jo Davidson is played by Kelly MacDonald. Picture: BBC

Some fans have even suggested that she seemed to be using her pen to tap out a message in morse code during the interrogation.

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According to some viewers, she tapped her pen four times against the desk, spelling out 'H' just as Dot Cottan did during his dying declaration in season four.

And it looks like no one trusts Carmichael, as she is now favourite to be the ultimate baddie, according to Betfair odds.

And Ted Hastings has also come under suspicion, with his odds at 8/1.

Back in season 5, Line of Duty fans were convinced that Adrian Dunbar’s character could in fact be H.

AC-12 may finally uncover who H is in Line of Duty
AC-12 may finally uncover who H is in Line of Duty. Picture: BBC

Not only is there the misspelling of ‘definitely’, he also went to visit Lee Banks in prison and squirreled away some dodgy money from the OCG.

While he was relieved of all charges back in 2018, could there be more to the story than we know?

Other suspects on the list include new character Marcus Thurwell (James Nesbitt), as well as Jo Davidson.

There have also been hints Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) has something to do with the OCG, while it looks unlikely that Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) has anything to do with it.

See the full list of Betfair odds of who is most likely to be H below:

  • Patricia Carmichael: 2/1
  • Philip Osborne: 4/1
  • Ted Hastings: 8/1
  • Marcus Thurwell: 11/1
  • Jo Davidson: 14/1
  • Andrea Wise: 14/1
  • Ian Buckells: 16/1
  • Kate Fleming: 20/1
  • Steve Arnott: 33/1
  • None of the above/unknown person: 4/1

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom said ahead of the finale: "Line of Duty fans have been obsessed with finding out who of H is for years - and mother of god, it is the show's current big baddie Patricia Carmichael who is leading the way in the betting at 2/1, closely followed by Chief Constable Philip Osborne at 4/1.

"While question marks on Ted Hastings for a number of series has him in third favourite at 8/1, we haven't ruled out the ultimate twist of Kate Fleming in fact being part of OCG all along - while it is just 4/1 for H to be someone we have not yet encountered as the show reaches its climax next week."

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