How to apply for Married at First Sight UK

27 October 2020, 20:13 | Updated: 29 October 2020, 11:02

How to apply to appear on Married at First Sight
How to apply to appear on Married at First Sight. Picture: Channel 4
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

How do you apply to be on Married at First Sight UK? And are Channel 4 looking for new participants? Here’s what we know...

It’s fair to say Married at First Sight has well and truly hooked us this year.

After the Australian version aired over the summer, now Channel 4 are showing the latest UK series featuring Michelle and Owen and Shareen and David.

But if you’ve been watching in awe over the past few weeks, you could put your love life into the hands of the MAFS experts and apply for the next season.

So, here’s how you put yourself forward for Married at First Sight UK...

How to apply for Married at First Sight UK

The Channel 4 website states that the show is looking for ‘brave new singles’ to take a leap of faith and apply for the next Married at First Sight season.

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The initial application process seems fairly simple as you must be aged 18 and be ready for marriage.

Channel 4 is asking those interested to send their name, age, and contact number to

While many might be frightened to take this huge step, apparently Married at First Sight received over 1,500 applications back in 2016, so the competition is tough.

You could be on Married at First Sight UK
You could be on Married at First Sight UK. Picture: Channel 4

Due to this high volume, Channel 4 states that not everyone who applies will receive a response.

You can read more about the terms and conditions here.

Married at First Sight uses a panel of experts to match together couples from across the UK who meet for the first time on their wedding day.

This year, Celebs Go Dating matchmaker Paul C Brunson paired the couples, as well as leading UK love guru Genevieve Gresset and psychologist, Dr Angela Smith.

Channel 4 said: "This new series will follow the couples, from being matched, to getting married, going on honeymoon and beginning their lives as newlyweds just as lockdown hit, putting extra pressure on their fledgling romances.

"The refreshed format charts each couples’ efforts to make life as husband and wife work, before they make a crucial decision - whether to part ways or remain in wedded bliss."

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