Sam Faiers praised by Mummy Diaries fans as she reveals health condition was triggered by dad Dave’s prison sentence

12 September 2019, 08:21 | Updated: 12 September 2019, 08:23

Sam Faiers revealed the condition where she picks out her eyelashes out was triggered by her father Dave being sent to prison.

The Mummy Diaries was back on ITVBe last night, which means viewers were let into the lives of Sam Faiers and her sister Billie Faiers once more.

And one particularly emotional scene saw former TOWIE star Sam open up about her Trichotillomania, a condition which sees her pick out her eyelashes.

In the clip, Sam, 28, was talking to her mum about what triggered the compulsive disorder when she was a child, which involved her stepdad Dave Chatwood being sent to prison.

She admitted: “When I was younger one of our friend's daughters said to me 'if you pick out an eyelash, make a wish, the wish will come true.'

Sam broke down over her dad's prison sentence
Sam broke down over her dad's prison sentence. Picture: ITVBe

"And obviously when dad went to prison I used to pick out my eyelashes and make a wish for dad to come home from prison.

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“And then I think from then that's obviously become a subconscious thing."

Speaking to the camera, Sam later broke down over her bond with Dave, as she added: “When my dad did get sentenced I actually took it really hard. As a child I suppose you don't really know how to express those emotions.

"So for me I would pick out an eyelash, wish for my dad to come home from prison and thought it was true."

And fans were quick to praise Sam for opening up about her illness, with one writing on Twitter: “As a fellow sufferer, I love that @SamanthaFaiers is being so open and honest about her battle with #trichotillomania and helping to raise awareness of the condition”

Another added: “Good on @SamanthaFaiers 4 speaking out about her compulsive disorder. This will give others the confidence to seek help and not suffer in silence.”

According to reports, Sam and Billie’s step dad Dave was jailed in 2002 for being caught with 140,000 ecstasy tablets, 130kg of cannabis, two pistols and live ammunition. He was reportedly sent to prison again in 2013 for playing a role in £1.1 million bullion robbery.

Later on in the show, Sam and sister Billie were seen having a Father’s Day meal with their dad, where they opened up about Dave’s time behind bars.

Sam Faier and Billie enjoyed a Fathers Day lunch with Dave
Sam Faier and Billie enjoyed a Fathers Day lunch with Dave. Picture: ITVBe

Growing up Billie and I had a really, really happy childhood. My mum and dad did everything they did to make sure we had a lovely life,” she said.

“Even when my dad did get sentenced and spent a long time in prison my mum did everything she could to raise me and my sister in a happy household.”

She went on to tell her dad that the past “is history” and “you've redeemed yourself, don't worry.”

"I've come good," Dave agreed before adding: "You used to send me letters, Billie never wrote."

Sam then recalled: "Didn't I write to you all the time? Consistently I wrote to dad every single year for about ten years."