The Pact series 2 filming locations: Where is the new series filmed in Wales?

25 October 2022, 08:17

The Pact series 2 filming locations revealed
The Pact series 2 filming locations revealed. Picture: BBC

Where in Wales is The Pact films and what locations was it shot in? Here's what we know about series 2 of the BBC drama...

The Pact series 2 has kicked off on BBC One and is starring the likes of Bafta-winning Rakie Ayola as Christine Rees.

This time around, The Pact centres around Christine and her adult children – Megan (Mali Ann Rees), Will (Lloyd Everitt) and Jamie (Aaron Anthony).

The family’s lives are turned upside down when they are contacted by a young man claiming to be a fifth, previously unknown, Rees sibling.

But where was The Pact series filmed and what locations was it shot in Wales? Here’s what we know…

The Pact is filmed in Wales
The Pact is filmed in Wales. Picture: BBC

The Pact filming locations

Where is the house in The Pact?

The Rees family home is situated on the coast at Llantwit Major.

Creator Pete McTighe said the location scouts found the perfect location which was exactly what he had imagined.

He said: "On the page and in my head, it was this isolated house on the coast, which sounds easy to write and easy to find but of course it turned out not to be.

"Our locations people did an incredible job tracking that down. That house is like a private refuge, this atmospheric, mysterious, slightly claustrophobic sanctuary.

“It’s almost like something from a ghost story, which is appropriate because the family is kind of haunted in a way by what has happened to one of their own. They pulled a rabbit out of the hat when they found that house. It’s exactly what was in my head."

Glamorgan Heritage Coast in Wales
Glamorgan Heritage Coast in Wales. Picture: Alamy

Other locations in The Pact

  • Glamorgan Heritage Coast

In episode one viewers see the impressive Vale of Glamorgan coast, as well as Ogmore-by-Sea, Llantwit Major Beach, Southerndown and Dunraven Bay.

  • Penarth

Christine’s surgery is in the centre of Penarth on Windsor Road, with scenes filmed on the pier.

  • Swanbridge Bay Beach

Swanbridge Beach is rocky with sand exposed at low tide in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, with some scenes between Megan and Connor filmed here.

  • Barry

Characters Will and Samantha live in Barry, with Connor actor, Jordan Wilkes, saying this was his favourite location to film in,

He said: "Obviously living in London it’s a concrete jungle but being in Barry or Cardiff you can drive to the beach and be there in 10 minutes no matter where you are.

“My favourite location was Marine Drive in Barry. It’s where Will and Samantha’s house is.”

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