Are Adam and Scott Thomas twins?

13 May 2020, 16:44 | Updated: 13 May 2020, 16:46

Are Scott and Ryan Thomas twins?
Are Scott and Ryan Thomas twins? Picture: Instagram

Are Adam and Scott Thomas twins? And what is their age gap with brother Ryan?

Ryan Thomas will join forces with his brothers Adam and Scott and their dad Dougie for a brand new ITV series ‘Mancs in Mumbai’, which explores the family's Indian heritage.

The Thomas’ will 'embark on the trip of a lifetime' to delve into their roots in the hope of seeking out long-lost relatives.

But while Ryan (Coronation Street), Adam (Emmerdale) and Scott (Love Island) have been on our TV screens for years, how much do we know about them? And are Adam and Scott twins?

Are Adam and Scott Thomas twins?

Yes, Adam and Scott Thomas are twins and they were both born on August 11 1988 - making them 31-years-old.

The siblings are not identical twins, but all three brothers look very similar.

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In fact, fans have previously questioned whether Ryan and Adam are twins because they are so alike.

But Coronation Street actor Ryan put the speculation to bed when he shared a snap of himself and younger brother Adam from when they were children back in December.

With the picture showing a clear age-gap, Ryan wrote: "Everyone always says we are twins and I have to explain no I’m not his twin but he has a twin @scott.thomas.

"People then become more confused but this picture is justification that he’s my little brother."

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What is the age gap between Ryan, Adam and Scott?

Adam and Scott are the younger brothers of 35-year-old Ryan. There are four years between them.

The brothers have recently spoken out about becoming closer as a family after filming ‘Mancs in Mumbai’, especially with their dad.

Ryan said: "We were quite strong as a family anyway, but I think just little things even after coming back, I've noticed a change in my dad, making even more of an effort.

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"He's just trying his very hardest; he always asks about my family on the phone. Things that my dad is not very good at doing, sometimes. This trip has brought the best out in him, which is really nice."

Love Island’s Scott added: "It was unbelievable, literally, we'll never get that again. Even just three sons, as adults, spending time with their dad, is rare, isn't it? It took us to a whole new level, I think."

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