Eamonn Holmes 'besotted' with granddaughter as family proudly mark her christening

8 November 2021, 09:49

Eamonn Holmes looked so proud to be with his son and new granddaughter
Eamonn Holmes looked so proud to be with his son and new granddaughter. Picture: Eamonn Holmes/Instagram
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Eamonn Holmes beamed with pride as he and his wife, Ruth Langford, attended the christening of the TV star's first grandchild.

Eamonn Holmes, 61, marked the christening of his first grandchild over the weekend.

Emilia, who was born in July earlier this year, is the daughter of Eamonn's eldest son, Declan, who he shares with his ex wife.

In a picture shared on the This Morning presenter's Instagram page, Eamonn can be seen beaming as he stands alongside his wife Ruth Langsford, his son Declan, his son's partner Jenny and their beautiful baby girl.

For the occasion, Ruth looked stunning in a cream and pink floral dress, while Jenny dressed in a navy gown.

Eamonn, who dressed in sharp suits for the special day, wrote to his fans: "Emilia, my First Grandchild Christened today ❤. Lovely family gathering including adoring parents Declan & Jenny."

The next day, Eamonn shared a new picture of the baby girl, writing to his fans: "The Morning after the Day before. My Grand daughter Emilia..... Queen of The Castle. Her Papa Eamonn besotted by her."

Emilia was born earlier this year, with the broadcaster announcing the happy news on his social media back in the summer.

Posting a picture of the newborn in the arms of his son Declan, Eamonn write: "My First born Son Declan with his first born and my first Grandchild Emilia. Welcome to The World Emilia. Just call me Papa."

Eamonn Holmes' son Declan welcomed little Emilia earlier in the year with his wife
Eamonn Holmes' son Declan welcomed little Emilia earlier in the year with his wife. Picture: Eamonn Holmes/Instagram

Earlier in July, Eamonn announced live on This Morning that he was becoming a grandfather for the first time.

Talking to fans, he said: “Folks, there’s something I want to talk to you about today. It’s been a tough year for so many people, there’s not much good news around. I’ve been having a very tough week.

"It hasn’t been a good time. I’ve been in tears. I’ve been in tears again because it involves these two people."

A photo of his son Declan and his wife Jenny was then shown on the screen.

Eamonn added: "These people are called Declan and Jenny. Declan is my eldest boy, he’s 32 years of age and that is Jenny, his beloved wife.

"They have just announced that I, and together with Jenny’s mum and dad and Gabrielle, Declan’s mummy, we’re all going to be grandparents! Which means I am a grandad!"

At the time, Ruth looked equally as happy, adding: "Declan and Jenny, we’re so so happy for you. Lots of love."

Eamonn Holmes is a proud father of four children
Eamonn Holmes is a proud father of four children. Picture: Eamonn Holmes/Instagram

Eamonn is a father-of-four children, three of which he shares with her ex wife Gabrielle Holmes.

Together they have Declan, Rebecca and Niall.

Eamonn also has a son with Ruth called Jack.

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