Stacey Solomon admits feeling like she's 'failing' as a mum-of-five

14 March 2023, 10:53

Stacey Solomon has opened up about feeling like she's 'failing'
Stacey Solomon has opened up about feeling like she's 'failing'. Picture: Instagram

Stacey Solomon says she 'can't function' after giving birth to her daughter Belle last month.

Stacey Solomon has said she sometimes feels like she ‘can't function’ as a busy mum-of-five.

The Loose Women star and her husband Joe Swash share newborn Belle, one-year-old Rose and Rex, three, while Stacey is also mum to Leighton, 10, and Zachary, 14, from her previous relationships.

Taking to Instagram, the Loose Women star gave an update to her fans on what she got up to earlier in the week.

“Feeling like I smashed it today,” she wrote, continuing: “Don’t mind if I sound big headed but I felt like a superhuman today 🥹🙌 .

Stacey Solomon has opened up about being a mum-of-five
Stacey Solomon has opened up about being a mum-of-five. Picture: Instagram

“For some reason lately I’ve found it easy to tell myself that I’m failing or doing a rubbish job & I never tell myself how well im doing.”

Opening up about being a working mum, she continued: “Three 3 & under & two teenagers is wonderful but it’s not easy 😂.

“Joe did a night feed for me last night & then went to work So we did the school runs and then afterwards I managed to make it for the first time EVER to Rhyme time at the library with Rex, Rose & Belle 🙏🏼🤩."

The star added: “But basically Just a little reminder that you’re doing amazing, even when you feel like you’re not. You’re so incredible don’t forget to tell yourself that sometimes 🥹🤍.”

Stacey was quickly supported by her fans, with on person writing: “Actually super mama xx🙌 I have no idea how you do it, keep going! You’re doing an amazing job at raising beautiful humans ❤️❤️❤️ xxx.”

A second person wrote: “Beautiful family 💖 you are always smashing it stace 👏🏻 your a brilliant mummy xxx love to you all.”

A third added: “You always smash it! 👊🏼 Such gorgeous pics too - making so many magical memories together… 💞.”

This comes after Stacey replied to a fan who asked how she manages to keep it together while looking after five children.

She said: "Public service announcement for anyone who's ever felt like ‘oh my gosh, it looks like they’ve got their sh*t together and I really haven’t’, please don’t feel like that. You’re doing an incredible job."

Stacey Solomon has opened up about motherhood
Stacey Solomon has opened up about motherhood. Picture: Instagram

She added: "I know it looks like I’ve gone straight back to normal as if I never gave birth – it feels like that, if I’m honest – but it’s only because the whole sleep when she sleeps, make sure you take time to rest and recover, don’t do anything too quickly goes all out the window when you have a one-year-old.

"It’s incredible this age gap: three, one and zero, I’m so grateful to have three young babies that I can raise together and can grow up together. I’m honestly so grateful. But I can assure you that 100% of the time, I feel absolutely f***ed." She then went on to laugh: "You're not alone."

Stacey then wrote alongside the clip: "Just a PSA that you’re doing amazing. Rest up if you can. You deserve it. And never forget that although it seems I'm doing lots with 3 babies at 3, 1 & 1 month. I'm so grateful to be raising them all together BUT just know 100% of the time I feel f*****.”

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