Wayne Lineker confirms he and Chloe Ferry are 'seeing each other'

12 March 2021, 10:16 | Updated: 12 March 2021, 17:27

Chloe Ferry and Wayne Lineker are apparently seeing each other
Chloe Ferry and Wayne Lineker are apparently seeing each other. Picture: Instagram/Chloe Ferry/Wayne Lineker
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Wayne Lineker has spoken out on his 'romance' with Chloe Ferry following their engagement post last month...

Wayne Lineker, 48, and Chloe Ferry, 25, pretty much broke the internet when they announced their 'engagement' last month.

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While it was subsequently revealed that the Celebs Go Dating stars were playing a joke on us all, it has now been claimed by Wayne that they are in fact 'seeing each other'.

Speaking on a recent interview, as reported by The Sun, Wayne opened up about their engagement prank, saying: "Me and Chloe just have a laugh all the time. We’re in the mansion and she had a wedding ring. She went, ‘Come on, Wayne, let’s pretend we’re getting married’.

"And we took all the pictures and everything and we didn't end up doing it, we just forgot about it.

"And she phoned me up last week. Because, I mean, we are seeing each other a little bit and having a bit of flirtatious banter and we'll see what happens in the summer."

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"But she said, ‘Come on let’s post it! Let’s have a laugh!’ I said, ‘You know it’s going to go viral don’t you?’ She went, ‘Yeah of course I do!’

“But yeah, me and Chloe are really tight. She came on my podcast last week, No Excuse for Abuse, and she was amazing you know. But yeah, we’re really really close and she’s coming to Ibiza for the summer. And so, we’ll see what happens."

Host Bobby Norris then asked: "So Wayne, when you say ‘seeing each other’, what? Romantically?" 

Wayne responded with: "We’re always flirting, Bobby."

Chloe and Wayne appeared on the latest series of Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, during which they became very close.

Last month, Wayne posted a photo of Chloe appearing to be sporting an engagement ring, writing alongside it: Wayne wrote: "She said YES!

"Love you @chloegshore1".

Fans were baffled by the announcement, and the pair subsequently revealed it was a wind up.


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