Love Island viewers predict Ovie and Amber will couple up as they spot 'chemistry'

3 July 2019, 21:56

Fans are seeing something between Amber and Ovie
Fans are seeing something between Amber and Ovie. Picture: ITV
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Love Island's new boy Ovie was there to comfort Amber during a emotional evening, leading viewers to predict a romance between them.

Following Love Island's Casa Amor twist, the boys and girls were reunited in an explosive episode.

Anna recoupled with new boy Ovie, leaving Jordan single, while Michael recoupled with new girl Joanna, leaving Amber single.

In the fallout from the decisions, Amber was left emotional following an argument with Michael.

There to support her was Ovie, who comforted the beauty therapist from Newcastle with many hugs.

Ovie comforted Amber with a cuddle following the recoupling
Ovie comforted Amber with a cuddle following the recoupling. Picture: ITV

However, fans are now predicting a romance between the two, even though Ovie is coupled up with Anna, one of Amber's very good friends.

One fan commented on Twitter: "Anybody else think Amber and Ovie make a cute couple? Feel like I can cut a knife with the sexual chemistry #loveisland."

Another person echoed these thoughts, writing: "Would just love it if Amber turned Ovie’s head and they recoupled, pure theatre #LoveIsland."

A third person wrote: "Ovie holding Amber really melted my heart. I swear they would make an incredible couple. #loveisland."

At the moment, this is nothing but speculation from viewers, as Amber and Ovie have never addressed having feelings towards each other.

Now Amber is single, she will have to couple up with someone new in order to stay in the villa, but will Ovie catch her eye?

While Anna is coupled up with Ovie, it appears things might not be completely over between her and Jordan as she returns to the villa.

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