Love Island's Munveer Jabbal's age, job, Instagram and link to Piers Morgan uncovered

11 June 2024, 10:31

Munveer Jabbal is looking for love on Love Island
Munveer Jabbal is looking for love on Love Island. Picture: Instagram/@munveerj/ITV

By Hope Wilson

Munveer Jabbal is joining the Love Island 2024 line-up, but how old is he, what is his job, does he have Instagram and how does he know Piers Morgan? Here is all the tea on the new Islander.

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Love Island star Munveer Jabbal is one of the season 11 cast members who are looking for love this summer.

After being welcomed to the villa by Maya Jama, Munveer found himself instantly coupled up with Mimii after they were both voted the best boyfriend and girlfriend material. Since then he has found a connection with Patsy Field although not all viewers are convinced.

While fans are looking to get to know Munveer a bit more and explore his celebrity connections, we've done some digging on the Islander and discovered some interesting info about the budding influencer.

How old is Love Island star Munveer Jabbal, where is he from, does he have Instagram and how does he know Piers Morgan? Here is everything you need to know about the 2024 Islander.

Munveer Jabbal is part of the Love Island 2024 line-up
Munveer Jabbal is part of the Love Island 2024 line-up. Picture: ITV

How old is Munveer Jabbal?

Love Island's Munveer is 30-years-old and believes he's at the perfect age for entering the villa.

The TV star revealed: "The opportunity to be surrounded by good looking people in a villa under the sun is an absolute no brainer! I’m 30 years old and I need to start thinking seriously about the next step, and what better place?!"

Where is Munveer Jabbal from?

Munveer is from Surbiton, Surrey, however he's spent quite a bit of time dabbling in the London dating scene.

The 30-year-old stated: "I haven’t found the right girl, I’m quite picky and have high standards. Dating in London is horrible. You don’t know who’s single… but now you’re putting me in a place where everyone’s single so there’s no issues around that."

Munveer Jabbal hasn't found his perfect woman yet
Munveer Jabbal hasn't found his perfect woman yet. Picture: ITV

How does Munveer Jabbal know Piers Morgan?

Love Island and Piers Morgan are two words we didn't think would ever come together, however 2024 Islander Munveer links them both.

Munveer is best friends with Piers Morgan's son, Spencer, with the two meeting when Munveer moved to Fulham.

Speaking about his friendship with Spencer, Munveer told OK!: "The only time I speak to him [Spencer] is about Arsenal and that's it.

"We don't talk about anything romantic, we don't talk about his Dad. We don't talk about anything other than who should be starting for Arsenal... And that's as far as the conversation goes."

Watch Munveer Jabbal's Love Island introduction here:

Love Island - Meet Munveer

What is Munveer Jabbal's job?

Love Island's Munveer is a Recruitment Manager.

When asked what his type is, Munveer said: "Nice hair, good teeth and good chat. I like the nicer things in life. I’m a family person, I love dogs and I’m a good lover."

What is Munveer Jabbal's Instagram?

Fans can follow Munveer on Instagram @munveerj

He often posts images of his travels around the world as well as nights out with friends and family.

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