Twins Eve and Jess couple up with Mike and Callum on tonight's Love Island

13 January 2020, 22:14

The first steals have happened
The first steals have happened. Picture: ITV

The twins have made their move on the boys they fancy.

Jess and Eve Gale were slightly late entries to Love Island and the 20-year-olds have turned heads without a doubt.

The blondies decided to go in for the kill during tonight's coupling up where they had to steal two men from their couples.

Jess and Eve had the scary task of stealing two men
Jess and Eve had the scary task of stealing two men. Picture: ITV

Jess went for Mike Boateng, stealing the hunky police officer from poor Leanne, and Eve decided to swoop in and nab Callum, the scaffolder who's stolen Shaughna's heart in 24 hours.

After some chats around the villa and its gardens, the pair seemed to have both decided on Callum, which resulted in them having a bit of a tiff over him.

Quite ironic considering how much of a fuss they'd made about never fighting over a guy.

Couple one was Jess and Mike
Couple one was Jess and Mike. Picture: ITV
Eve picked Callum
Eve picked Callum. Picture: ITV

The recoupling certainly ruffled some feathers but hey, ho! This is Love Island and we're only two days in, things are undoubtedly going to get a whole lot more dramatic.

We can't wait to see the impact the twins have on the rest of the villa!