The moment Married at First Sight Australia's Cody Bromley splits up with Selina Chhaur after reunion

7 April 2022, 08:23 | Updated: 13 April 2022, 08:39

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Cody unexpectedly broke up with Selina right after the Married at First Sight season 9 reunion finale.

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**Warning Married at First Sight Australia season nine spoilers below**

We had high hopes for Married at First Sight Australia’s Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley.

The couple chose to stay together at the final commitment ceremony, with both saying they had fallen for each other during the experiment.

Despite saying he struggled connecting with Selina at the beginning, Cody later asked his wife to leave her hometown of Adelaide to move in with him to Sydney.

But in a shock twist during the final reunion episode, the pair revealed they had split up overnight.

Cody and Selina split up after the MAFS reunion
Cody and Selina split up after the MAFS reunion. Picture: Channel Nine

Selina told the experts and her fellow co-stars she had tried to hold his hand but he flinched, saying he felt he was being ‘forced’, which sparked their break up.

“Last night he was a bit more standoffish than usual,” she said.

“After everyone was gone I went and grabbed his hand, and he kind of just flinched and took it away.

“I was like, 'Oh, okay, is it that bad holding my hand?’. And he was like, ‘I just don't want to’ and that's when I do say things like, ‘Well, why am I here? Let me go if you’re not feeling it’.

“And he said, ‘I want to end things’.”

Selina and Cody opened up about their relationship issues on MAFS
Selina and Cody opened up about their relationship issues on MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine

Cody then told the experts: "I really wanted this to work.

"We had some really amazing times but we also had some shockers so we never quite lost that habit."

The MAFS star has since explained his decision, saying he thought the couple had too many ‘issues’.

He told 9Entertainment: "I just didn't sort of feel that we completely resolved all of our issues.

"Because we were so up and down, every time we were at that good point you just think, 'This is so worth it,' and when you're at those down points you're just really starting to question, 'Why are we in this relationship?'"

"Selina said to me, 'If you can't think of a distinct answer or you can't say yes straight away, I think there's our answer there.'

"And I've seen I'd seen her upset enough times I just thought maybe it is the right thing to do."

Selina has shared a message on Instagram to say she has no regrets about taking part in the show.

She wrote: "Although I didn’t find my soulmate I ended up finding the greatest love of all which is Self Love.

"This #MAFS journey has been an incredible one, to say the least, and I am so grateful for all the blessings and lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

"Thank you to all the people that have supported me throughout this whole experience, you all know who you are. I couldn’t have done it without you."