Married At First Sight Australia star Georgia Fairweather opens up on shock fall out with Liam Cooper

15 November 2021, 09:15

Georgia and Liam had a bitter break up on MAFS
Georgia and Liam had a bitter break up on MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram

Georgia Fairweather has spoken out about her shock break up with Liam Cooper on MAFS Australia.

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**Married at First Sight Australia season 8 spoilers below**

Married At First Sight Australia fans will know that Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper didn’t exactly have a smooth ride on the show.

Unsurprisingly, they didn’t make it to the end of the experiment, with the pair having an almighty argument at the final dinner party.

Samuel and Georgia split on MAFS Australia season 8
Samuel and Georgia split on MAFS Australia season 8. Picture: Channel Nine

Following their bust up, Georgia said at the last commitment ceremony: “Without warning, you turned on me, you humiliated me, and you degraded me in front of everyone.

“It was obvious how devastated I was, and yet you chose to abandon me that night when I needed you the most. I've never felt so small, inadequate, and confused.”

Liam hit back: “As much as I want to make this work, that just shows you don't know me, and I'm not gonna have a partner who doesn't know me.

“So, let's just call it quits. I'm done.”

As Liam left the room, Georgia threw her wedding ring on the floor and burst into tears.

But Georgia has since said she has no regrets about her experience on the show.

Talking to WHO, she said: “It’s all part of the journey.”

"Obviously, hindsight’s very easy to look back and go ‘Gee I wish I did that differently’ but it’s a crazy experience that no one can really understand unless you lived through it and you have to ride those waves.

“You learn things through everything so all in all it was an amazing experience."

Liam Cooper is now dating MAFS New Zealand's Samuel Levi
Liam Cooper is now dating MAFS New Zealand's Samuel Levi. Picture: Instagram

Although she is no longer in contact with her ex Liam, as she added: "MAFS was a crazy thing that we went through together but we had a bit of an intense break up so we’ve gone our separate ways.

“I wish him nothing but happiness, he seems happy so that’s great."

While Liam is happily loved up with MAFS New Zealand star Samuel Levi, Georgia is seemingly single.

She added: “They always say you shouldn't make any life-changing decisions six to 12 months after an intense thing like that so I'm sort of going with that. I just got divorced so not ready just yet!”