MAFS Australia groom Ben's full list of dislikes about Ellie exposed

27 March 2024, 12:39

MAFS Australia Ben created a list for Ellie on areas of improvement
MAFS Australia Ben created a list for Ellie on areas of improvement. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia groom Ben caused a stir after he wrote a list of 'dislikes' about his wife Ellie.

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Married At First Sight Australia fans were left stunned after last night's episode saw Ben Walters, 39, unveil a scathing 'list' of everything he didn't like about his wife Ellie Dix, 32.

The pair have had a rocky time on the show so far, however things went from bad to worse when the groom decided to curate a list of things he wanted Ellie to improve on.

While Ellie discussed some of Ben's points in last night's episode, the groom's full list has since been released, which sheds more light on Ben's 'dislikes'.

So Dramatic have shared images of Ben's controversial diary which includes complaints against Ellie's 'vaping, bedroom etiquette and cooking'.

Ben wrote a 'list' of things about Ellie
Ellie was left confused by Ben's list. Picture: Nine

The page begins with the title 'Why it's not working' and is followed by a list of things Ben believes are causing issues in their marriage.

The section includes complaints about: "Not matching her sensitivity and when communicating problems it results in an emotional outburst." It also states that the groom would like 'more Ben time' and wanting to discuss the 'cooking and housework' within their home.

He also has a bullet point about 'bedroom etiquette' and says 'I feel unwelcome in the bedroom'. The TV star also took issue with Ellie 'not wanting to debrief the day, vaping and spending hours doing makeup'.

Ben wrote a 'list' of things about Ellie
Ben wrote a 'list' of things about Ellie. Picture: Nine

Ben's list caused a stir online with many viewers taking to X, formally known as Twitter, to discuss the groom's actions.

One user wrote: "Number 97 on Ben's list of things he doesn't like about Ellie: "I don't like how Ellie doesn't like my list of things I don't like about her" #MAFS #MAFSAU"

With another adding: "Ellie is too good for Ben. She should have a****** him the moment he wrote a list. #mafs mafsau"

Fans also watched as Ben wrote a 'romantic' song for Ellie in the hopes of reigniting their spark, leading to the 39-year-old getting a lot of heat on social media.

Watch Ben try to patch things up with Ellie here:

Ben writes a song for Ellie on MAFS Australia

One fan wrote: "Lol don’t be fooled Ellie. The song is terrible. Ben is terrible. #mafs #mafsau"

With a second adding: "This is demented. Not even Ben and Ellie believe in Ben and Ellie #MAFSAU #MAFS"

Viewers will get to watch how their relationship unfolds in the coming episodes.

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