Selling Sunset: Who is Justin Hartley’s new girlfriend?

8 June 2020, 16:34

Justin is now dating Sofia Pernas
Justin is now dating Sofia Pernas. Picture: Instagram

Justin Hartley was married to Selling Sunset star Chrishell, but they are now divorced.

Selling Sunset has taken over Netflix as one of its most popular new original reality shows, and we're so invested in all of the characters and their relationships.

At the end of season two we were teased with season three, which is coming in August 2020. The preview showed Chrishell Hartley, 37, breaking down over the news (now ex) husband Justin Hartley, 43, was filing for divorce.

It all looks very scandalous and seeing as it was all filmed months ago, everyone's wondering what the latest is with Justin and Chrishell.

Well, the divorce has gone through and the pair haven't been together since later 2019, as Justin's now got a new girlfriend.

Who is Justin Hartley's new girlfriend?

Justin is now dating actress and model Sofia Pernas, who used to be his co-star.

The pair have been spotted kissing around LA, and it's believes they got together earlier this year.

Sofia, 30, and Justin were seen together outside the Southern California Orthopedic Institute in LA, according to TMZ.

They met in 2015 whilst filming the soap, The Young and the Restless.

Sofia is a Moroccan-Spanish actress who lives in LA and moved to America when she was five.

She grew up in Orange County and is fluent in Arabic, English, Spanish and German.