Where is Rebecca 2020 set and where is the Manderley filming location?

22 October 2020, 11:51

Where was Rebecca filmed?
Where was Rebecca filmed? Picture: Netflix

A new Rebecca adaptation has just dropped on Netflix, here's your need-to-know on where it's filmed.

A new film based on classic novel Rebecca features an all-star cast including Lily James and Armie Hammer.

It's based on the 1938 psychological thriller written by Daphne du Maurier, and tells the story of a young woman (played by James) who falls in love with a wealthy widower Maxim de Winter (Hamer) after a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo.

She moves in with him at his estate - famously named Manderley, and quickly finds herself overshadowed by the memory of his late ex-wife Rebecca.

Here's your need-to-know on its filming locations.

Rebecca stars Lily James and Armie Hammer
Rebecca stars Lily James and Armie Hammer. Picture: Netflix

Where is Manderley? Is it a real place?

The fictional Manderley Estate is the backdrop of the vast majority of the Netflix film, meaning lots of work went into finding the perfect location for it to be filmed.

It was actually filmed in a number of different locations, and a number of different properties were used.

A whopping eight properties were used as the Manderley Estate, including Cranborne Manor (Wiltshire), Hatfield House (Hertfordshire), Mapperton House (Dorset), Loseley House (Surrey), Petworth House (West Sussex), Hartland Quay (Devon), Blegberry Farm (Devon), and Osterley House (Isleworth).

Speaking to Radio Times about the filming locations, director Ben Wheatley said: "I felt when I looked at Menabilly, which was the house that Daphne DuMaurier wrote in and a lot of it is based around, that Menabilly is quite a small house.

Manderley was filmed in eight different locations
Manderley was filmed in eight different locations. Picture: Netflix

"And it’s in Cornwall so it’s on the cliff, but the actual house that she’s based it around was a house that she visited when she was a kid. And when we went to that house, it was an amazing house but it wasn’t as described in the book.

"And we started to realise that maybe the book is like her memory of it when she was a kid, everything is grander and bigger and huger. So I started to understand that Manderley itself is a dream space, it’s not a real place, it’s an amalgam of memories and feelings. So we realised that we were never going to find one house that was going to do it.

"So Sarah Greenwood, the art designer, kind of sent out her scouts and they found all these amazing bits of houses. I think the film was shot across five or six different spaces and that gave it that feeling of… kind of… the architecture is really variable, the corridors don’t quite make sense in terms of where they go to, the shapes of the places don’t quite make sense – and I think that that helped with the idea that it was the second Mrs De Winter’s memory as much as it was a real space."

Where was the rest of Rebecca filmed?

The early scenes in the film were shot in Europe, with locations including Ancien Hotel Regina in Nice, France the Villa Eilenroc in Antibes, France, and the Exotic Garden of Monaco all used.

Is there a trailer for Rebecca?

You can watch the official trailer below: