Too Close cast: How old is Emily Watson and what else has she been in?

12 April 2021, 19:02

Emily Watson plays Dr Emma Robertson in Too Close
Emily Watson plays Dr Emma Robertson in Too Close. Picture: ITV/BBC/PA Images

Who did Emily Watson play in Chernobyl and is she married? Here's what we know about the Too Close actress...

If you’re looking for a new crime thriller to get your teeth stuck into, ITV is bringing us Too Close.

Based on the book of the same name, it follows the story of forensic psychiatrist Emma Robertson who develops a dangerous relationship with patient Connie Mortensen.

Connie has been accused of a heinous crime but claims she can’t remember anything.

But what do we know about actress Emily Watson who plays Emma, and what other TV shows has she been in?

How old is Emily Watson?

Emily Watson is 54-years-old and was born in London on 14 January 1967.

Emily Watson as Dr Emma Robertson in Too Close
Emily Watson as Dr Emma Robertson in Too Close. Picture: ITV

She began her acting career on stage and joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1992.

What else has Emily Watson been in?

TV lovers will recognise Emily Watson for playing Ulyana Khomyuk in Sky drama Chernobyl.

In 2017, she also starred in the BBC mini-series Apple Tree Yard as Yvonne Carmichael, while other credits include the BAFTA-winning drama Appropriate Adult for ITV.

The actress has also been in films such as A Royal Night Out, Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Is Emily Watson married?

Emily is married to fellow actor Jack Waters and the pair tied the knot back in 1995.

They have two children together, Juliet Waters and Dylan Waters, and live in London.

Opening up about her most recent role, Emily described her character as ‘very troubled’.

She said: “Emma has a very troubled inner life because of what has happened in her past. Her marriage is still intact but that has destroyed it from the inside. Her encounter with Connie is a catalyst for all of that to open up and come crashing around her ears.

“Emma is very self-contained. She hasn’t dealt with something that happened in her past.

“Obviously as a psychiatrist she knows all of the right things to say to herself. But the actual unbelievable, horrendous, crushing guilt is still fully there and she has just covered it over.

“She doesn’t feel she deserves to be happy. She doesn’t feel she deserves love or passion. All of those things that were once there before. Her relationship with her husband has suffered. Emma cannot allow herself to be happy and enjoy life.

“When all of this starts to explode inside her and she reconnects to her past, she goes to a party and remembers what it was like not to be guilty. Not being burdened. To be free.”