Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? axe 'Ask The Audience' lifeline and might have two 'Phone A Friends'

16 June 2020, 12:30

Jeremy Clarkson presents the show
Jeremy Clarkson presents the show. Picture: ITV

The popular gameshow is set to face a huge shakeup following lockdown.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has run for years and always with the same exact concept, but things are set to change for the newest series.

Jeremy Clarkson is set to return to present the ITV show as soon as next month and as the show's bosses figure out the ins and outs of how the show will return, they are baring social distancing in mind.

Jeremy will be back on the show
Jeremy will be back on the show. Picture: ITV

Safely shooting the series is obviously a priority, and The Sun spoke to a source that revealed that the Ask The Audience lifeline will be axed, as it'll be filmed in an empty studio.

They're also discussing changing the lifelines and adding in an extra Phone A Friend option.

A telly source revealed to The Sun: “Bosses are keen to get Millionaire back as soon as possible.

"They’re hoping they can get the green light to get Jeremy and contestants back in the studio next month and air in the autumn.

Ask the audience often helps out the players a lot
Ask the audience often helps out the players a lot. Picture: ITV

“The next issue is the audience and, if there isn’t one, then the lifelines.

"They’ve discussed a new lifeline entirely, or giving contestants the opportunity to call two friends for help.”

Of course, a brand new lifeline could be an exciting twist and addition to the show, as they added the 'Ask The Host' option when Jeremy Clarkson replaced Chris Tarrant.

Jeremy is still looking for his first top-prize winner since the show’s return two years ago, as no one has quite managed to swipe it yet.