Paul Hollywood 'DUMPED' by girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam after 'asking her to sign gagging order'

3 August 2019, 08:52 | Updated: 3 August 2019, 08:54

Paul Hollywood has reportedly been dumped by his girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam.
Paul Hollywood has reportedly been dumped by his girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam. Picture: Getty / Instagram

The celebrity baker's "controlling" behaviour reportedly caused the ex-barmaid to storm out of their £1million love nest in the middle of the night.

Paul Hollywood has been dumped by his girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam after asking her to sign a gagging order, according to reports.

The Bake Off star, 53, whose divorce from ex-wife Alex was granted last month in just 10 seconds, allegedly asked his partner of two years to put her name to a non-disclosure agreement that banned her from discussing the couple's private lives.

But a source close to Summer, 24, revealed the legal contract was one step too far for the former barmaid and caused her to end the relationship, leaving the £1million love nest she shared with the "controlling" TV chef in the middle of the night.

Paul, 53, met Summer, 24, in 2017, the same year his marriage to ex-wife Alex broke down.
Paul, 53, met Summer, 24, in 2017, the same year his marriage to ex-wife Alex broke down. Picture: Getty

The insider revealed to The Sun: “It’s over for good.”

“Paul told Summer she needed to sign the NDA and that it was no big deal.

“He even said his mum and brothers were going to sign it and tried to underplay its significance.

“Summer flat-out said no. In the days that followed Paul got his lawyers to call Summer on her mobile to try and get her to sign it.

“For someone less strong it would have all been too much but Summer stood her ground.”

The NDA, which was drawn up by Paul's lawyers, left Summer fearing she wouldn't be able to speak to friends and family about personal details, including the couple's sex lives and the celebrity baker's wealth.

The source added: “Summer said that she has always known never to sign anything.

“Later, when she found out the implications of what she was being asked to sign, she was horrified.

“She felt like she couldn’t even tell her family what was happening in her relationship. She decided enough was enough.”

Summer has reportedly already started to move her belongings – including the pet dog she shares with Paul – back to her mum Sabina's house in nearby Ickham, Kent.

Following the explosive split, Paul allegedly "hit the roof" and blocked her on social media but came around and tried to win her back with a string of apologetics texts.

A source said: “Paul was really angry when she told him it was over.

"He clearly did not see it coming. She said she had been building towards this and that there was no future for them.

“Earlier in the week she had told Paul she had a doctor’s appointment when she was actually starting the process of moving out.

“She was planning to take the rest of her stuff to Sabina’s at the weekend as she knew Paul would be filming the American version of Bake Off. But she decided on Wednesday the time was right.”

The source added: “Paul had calmed down a bit by Thursday and sent her a number of messages apologising.

“He reacted badly but didn’t want to end things on a sour note so dropped Summer some texts checking to see if she was sure that she wanted to end it and that she was OK.

“It was childish of Paul to block her. Then he realised people would probably notice if he wasn’t following his own girlfriend, so he unblocked her and followed her back. But she was having none of it and told him it was over for good.”

Reports also claim the "restrictive" NDA banned Summer from even revealing the legal document existed to her nearest and dearest.

A family source said: “Summer was devastated by Paul’s request that she should sign the papers.

“She felt she had been utterly loyal to him under the most difficult of circumstances. This was how she was being repaid.

“Nobody in their right mind in this day and age should agree to signing one of these documents.

“If you read it you can see how restrictive it is. It’s the behaviour of someone who has always got their way and wants to continue doing so.”

Summer, who is 29 years younger than Paul, first met the silver-haired baker back in 2017 when he came into the pub where she worked.

They went public after his marriage broke down in November that year and ex-wife Alex, 54, filed for divorce on grounds of adultery – although Summer was never named.

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