Stacey Solomon hits back at mum-shamers over 'dangerous snack'

14 September 2023, 11:54

Stacey Solomon has update for fans in chaotic video

By Hope Wilson

Stacey Solomon defended herself after fans suggested her recipe was dangerous.

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Stacey Solomon, 33, has hit back after she was questioned on her food choices for her children.

The mum-of-five took to Instagram to share a halloween-themed recipe which she believed was suitable for young children.

The sweet snack was a pretzel and marshmallow stick in the shape of a skeleton. Stacey captioned the story: "Made another for Rexy. So simple & easy but Rose loved making it. It's just white chocolate pretzels & mini marshmallows on a stick and then a big marshmallow on the head."

However fans were quick to message the Loose Women panellist to let her know she may be causing danger by suggesting that parents use a large marshmallow as the head of the skeleton.

Stacey made a marshmallow snack that caused controversy
Stacey made a marshmallow snack that caused controversy. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Stacey then took to her Instagram Stories to clarify her recipe and warn fans about using large marshmallows.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter said: "A few of you have messaged me and said 'oh like some of the younger children can't chew big marshmallows properly so they can be dangerous.'

Stacey Solomon posted an explainer on Instagram
Stacey Solomon posted an explainer on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Stacey continued: "So I just thought I'd come on and say if you don't think that your little one can handle big marshmallows, don't give it to them, just swap it out for a small one."

"I've always given mine big marshmallows which is probably really wrong but I didn't know they were a risk or a hazard. I've always toasted them on the fires and stuff like that"

Stacey Solomon was having a relaxing day with her children Rose and Belle
Stacey Solomon was having a relaxing day with her children Rose and Belle. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

This recipe comes after Stacey launched her brand new home range with ASDA.

The social media star visited various ASDA stores across the UK to greet fans and reveal her products.

Watch Stacey launch her range here:

Stacey Solomon checks out her range as it launches at Asda

Speaking about the project earlier this year, Stacey said that she has been involved throughout every step of creating the range, and that she did not want to just "slap her name on it".

She also said that she has always wanted to create her own homeware collection, but was waiting for the right team to work with.

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