Aimee Lou Wood on whether there will be a Sex Education season four

20 September 2021, 16:30

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Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Sex Education star Aimee Lou Wood has discussed the possibility of a fourth season of the Netflix show.

If you've already binged every episode of Sex Education season three, we're guessing you're on the edge of your seat waiting for news of season four.

The Netflix show first aired in 2019, and it has since then proved a huge worldwide hit.

It tells the story of a group of teenagers at the fictional Moordale High School. After one of the students, Otis (played by Asa Butterfield), sets up an underground sex therapy clinic at school, the students embark on a journey of learning about life, sex and relationships.

Sex Education is back for season three
Sex Education is back for season three. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to ahead of season three's release, Aimee Lou Wood - who plays Aimee - said that, while she doesn't know if there will be more of the show, she would 'definitely' do a season four.

She said: "I do not know about it, but I would definitely want to. I’m not ready to say goodbye to it yet. I know that three seasons is like a trilogy, it’s quite neat, but i don't think Sex Education is supposed to be neat. It’s messy. A fourth would be great."

The show is set in a school, meaning there could be a possibility for future seasons to explore what they do in their adult life.

Aimee said: "They’re going to have to do something, they can’t be at school forever, maybe they will go onto different things.

Aimee plays Moordale student Aimee in the Netflix show
Aimee plays Moordale student Aimee in the Netflix show. Picture: Netflix

"I think that Aimee probably should go to baking school or something. I think it would be really interesting if it does get to that stage to see some people not going to uni because I think thats kind of the thing we’re all taught we have to do is go to university."

Aimee added: "I’d love to see them doing things that aren’t just the kind of prescriptive stuff that everyone does because I don't think Aimee would want to go to uni."

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