Loose Women behind the scenes secrets: From secret meetings to Stacey Solomon's makeup hack

22 January 2019, 15:05

Loose Women secrets
Loose Women's biggest secrets revealed . Picture: ITV
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Loose Women – starring the likes of Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon and Andrea McLean – continues to be one of the most loved daytime chat shows after 20 years on air.

Loose Women stars the likes of Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Janet Street Porter gathering on the famous ITV panel show to discuss the biggest subjects of the day.

The show is loved for it's candid conversations and interviews as well as the sometimes difficult subjects they tackle.

But how much do we know about what happens behind the scenes of Loose Women? Take a look at the biggest secrets from when the cameras aren't rolling.

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Andrea McLean on Loose Women
The Loose Women panel starts with an early morning meeting. Picture: ITV

Their mornings start very early

While Loose Women doesn’t go live until 12:30 on ITV, the panelists are up early to prep for the show.

Andrea McLean told Good Housekeeping they have their first meeting at 8:45am and discuss what’s in the news that day.

The Loose woman explained that instead of discussing the subject, they think about whether they have experienced it, and what their take is on it.

“What makes us so different, is that we take something on the news and turn it into a water-cooler moment rather than discussing it as a news story”, she said.

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Stacey Solomon
Stacey Solomon does her own makeup for Loose Women. Picture: Instagram @StaceySolomon

Loose Women guest have no idea what to expect

Unlike other interviews, the people who visit the Loose Women have no idea what they’re going to be asked.

Jane Moore, a Loose woman, explained: “When a guest comes on this show, they have no idea what they're going to be asked.

"I think that's what makes some people nervous – because they're usually in control and know what's coming – they don't know what’s coming on Loose Women."

Nadia runs subjects past her family first

Nadia Sawalha is one of the favourites of the Loose Women thanks to her honest opinions.

However, the former Celebrity Big Brother star is not as candid as she would like to be.

Nadia has revealed she asks her family about subjects they’re talking about on Loose Women to get their all-clear.

She explained: “I'll say in the morning meeting, 'This is what I think, but I can't guarantee I can say this on the show, I just have to run it past my family'.

"So we have another meeting a few minutes before we go live to reiterate, and if there's something that I think is contentious with my daughters, I would then in that second meeting say, 'That bit I'm not going to say because they don't want to me to’.”

Nadia on Loose Women
Nadia asks her family's permissions before talking about a subject on Loose Women. Picture: ITV

Stacey does her own makeup

Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon is so down-to-earth she would rather do her makeup herself for the show.

Instead of getting dolled up by the experts, Stacey’s happy to do it herself, or let her friend do it.