Anton's mum has joined Instagram - but awkwardly hasn't followed Belle

19 July 2019, 12:26

Anton's mum already has over 12k followers
Anton's mum already has over 12k followers. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The Scottish hunk's mum joined Instagram less than a day ago and already has tens of thousands of followers

Anton Danyluk's mum, Sherie-Ann has joined Instagram and is already a huge hit, boasting over 12k followers.

However, she VERY awkwardly doesn't follow Belle Hassan - despite following a couple of the other islanders such as Anton's ex, Elma!

The Love Island star's mum is known for shaving the gym-owner's bum and has added a funny video as her first post, introducing herself and holding up a razor.

She explains that she's decided to set up an Instagram page for everyone who's a fan of her son, and explains they're in for a treat.

Many have commented calling her "an absolute legend" and saying "what a woman".

Others have compared the two's likeness, saying Anton looks just like his mum.

Sherie-Ann has even added a cheeky peach in her bio - presumably a nod to the bum-shaving.

She's followed only eight accounts, with ex-islanders Joe Garrett, Elma Paza, Callum MacLeod and Dom Lever from 2017's series in the mix.

Anton's mum doesn't follow Belle
Anton's mum doesn't follow Belle. Picture: Instagram

They've all given the account a shoutout on their personal Instagram stories, as well as Anton having a post on his grid urging people to follow Sherie-Ann's account

She can be followed at @sherieanndanyluk

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