Love Island fans go wild for hunky newcomer Danny Williams

8 June 2019, 08:52 | Updated: 8 June 2019, 15:51

New boy Danny Williams sent fans into meltdown with his cheeky personality and good looks.
New boy Danny Williams sent fans into meltdown with his cheeky personality and good looks. Picture: ITV

The 21-year-old model from Hull has been described by fans as "an absolute dream" ahead of his arrival in the villa

Love Island fans were blown away last night when they got a sneak peek of this weekend’s newcomer Danny Williams.

The 21-year-old model from Hull sent social media into meltdown after he appeared on screen in a teaser clip at the end of Friday’s dramatic show.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their excitement over the hunky Northerner, describing him as “looking like spice” and “an absolute dream” ahead of his entrance this coming Sunday.

The 21-year-old model says he&squot;s "definitely looking for love in the villa".
The 21-year-old model says he's "definitely looking for love in the villa". Picture: ITV

One wrote: “Ok so the new boy Danny entering @LoveIsland is going to make the programme much easier to watch, hiya."

“Danny lookin like a spice but I feel like hustupe of girl is amber,” added another.

A third shared a hilarious gif that showed someone totally bowled over and captioned the post: “when i saw danny. #loveisland.”

Danny, who is set to enter the villa tomorrow, describes himself as a “happy-go-lucky kind of guy” who is serious about finding love during ITV2’s long, hot summer of love.

He revealed to viewers that his dream girl would be someone who is "ambitious, independent and loads of fun” as he puts his heart on the line for the show.

The model said: “I would describe myself as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

“I think I’m funny – I can be – but definitely someone who’s really ambitious and knows what they want.”

He also claimed that he has no shortage of good looking women around him due to his job, but struggles to settle down with potential love interests as he’s too picky.

“Being a model there’s always fit girls around me.

“I don’t think I fall in love easily because I think I’ve got quite high standards."

Danny&squot;s dream girl would be someone who is "ambitious, independent and loads of fun”.
Danny's dream girl would be someone who is "ambitious, independent and loads of fun”. Picture: ITV

But 21-year-old Danny also explained that he’s serious about finding ‘the one’ and could see himself falling head over heels for someone on the show.

“The right girl for me has to be ambitions, independent and loads of fun as well.

“I am definitely looking for love in the villa.

“If I can come away with someone I’m genuinely in love with, then I’ve won.”

The model’s appearance came after plane engineer Callum Macleod became the first Islander to exit the Spanish villa on Friday night.

The explosive exit came after Tommy picked Molly-Mae to couple up with, sending Callum on his way.

The drama unfolded when surfer Lucie re-coupled with sandwich man Joe following the duo’s short-lived separation, leaving Tommy single.

He then re-coupled with new girl Molly, meaning he was safe.

However Callum’s partner Amber decided to snap up Anton Danyluk, which ultimately meant that he had to leave the villa.

Viewers also took to Twitter to share their despair at Lucie’s decision to drop Tommy for her original partner Joe.

One tweeted: “CANNOT believe Lucie has chosen Joe over Tommy, don’t know whether she’s blind or just really bloody stupid.”

“Lucie picking Joe over Tommy is the biggest downgrade I have seen,” added another.

Speaking about their intense relationship, a third wrote: “All jokes aside, this really REALLY isn’t looking healthy.”

However fans of the couple were quick to defend the decision and revealed they were happy to see the duo side by side again.

"People are saying Lucie made a bad choice but Tommy went into the hot tub with molly and started flirting straight away lol lets go joe,” said one viewer.

Another wrote: “Tbh it’s a good thing Lucie picked joe. Look how quickly Tommy lost composure over Molly.”

A third added: “Why am I more excited about lucie picking joe than I am anything else in my life currently.”

Love Island is back on screens this Sunday, June 9th, at 9pm on ITV2.

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