Married at First Sight Australia reunion 2023: Everything that happened at the last dinner party

12 April 2023, 14:58 | Updated: 12 April 2023, 15:26

Married At First Sight stars set to come together for reunion

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

What happened at the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 reunion? From arguments to revelations... find out everything!

Married at First Sight Australia has had us gripped over the past few weeks, with more drama than we can handle.

There’s been plenty of lies, shock reveals, screaming matches and even a couple of cheating scandals.

The show kicked off Down Under all the way back in January, but was actually filmed last year.

This means the MAFS Australia 2023 reunion has already taken place… here’s exactly what happened!

Harrison Boon brought texts to the MAFS Australia reunion
Harrison Boon brought texts to the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

Harrison’s ‘proof’ against Bronte

Harrison Boon showed up to the dinner party with some very uncontroversial DMs between Bronte Schofield and his former girlfriend.

Taking out some crumpled paper from his pocket, they turned out to be text chats which 'proved' Bronte didn't respect his privacy.

But the rest of the cast were far from impressed, with Ollie Skelton saying: “Have you ever seen anyone bring props to MAFS?!?”

Tayla and Hugo were matched on MAFS Australia
Tayla and Hugo were matched on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

Hugo tells the truth about Dan

In never-before-seen footage, Hugo Armstrong revealed what Dan Hunjas really said about his wife Sandy Jawanda during that infamous ‘butt dial’ drama.

“You had Dan being like, ‘I can’t stand her but I’ll just say yes to try and make it to the end’,” Hugo revealed.

He added: “Saying things like, ‘She is the last person that I’d be attracted to’ and ‘She’s 100 percent not my type’.”

Hugo also admitted that he ‘led the charge’ by 'ranting' about Tayla Winter during a night out.

The sexting scandal

The reunion brought to light the shock ‘sexting’ scandal between Cameron Woods and Tayla Winter, who weren’t matched together.

Lyndall Grace and Cameron Woods were matched on MAFS
Lyndall Grace and Cameron Woods were matched on MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

Melinda Willis told the group: “There’s a lot of word on the grapevine. They have been sexting and exchanging nudes.”

Cam first tried to brush it off by claiming that he was “a friendly guy”, before confessing that he had got naked in a nightclub while FaceTiming Tayla.

“If you call that sexting then fine, I sexted,” he said, with Tayla adding: “Yes, I saw his willy.”

Alyssa shouts at Duncan

Alyssa Barmonde spent most of the reunion screaming at Duncan James to ‘take off his mask’.

It was the first time the pair have been face-to-face after their split, with Alyssa shouting: “Duncan, not once did you make me think that you were sitting on the fence about our relationship.

“You dumped me, bro, you dumped me, Duncan, you broke my heart. You made me believe that there was a future for us.”

Duncan replied he “wishes there was a future for them”, before Alyssa responded: “No you don’t.”

She went on to storm out of the room before adding she “dodged a bullet” with “fake” Duncan.

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