Married at First Sight Australia's Jackson Lonie defends Olivia Frazer after backlash

15 March 2022, 07:23

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Jackson Lonie has stuck up for his wife Olivia Frazer after a fiery feud on Married at First Sight.

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**Married at First Sight Australia season nine spoilers below**

Olivia Frazer has been defended by her husband Jackson Lonie after a fiery feud with Domenica Calarco.

While Married at First Sight Australia only recently kicked off in the UK, it’s already in full swing over in Oz.

And viewers may have seen the simmerings of a rivalry between Olivia and her fellow bride Dom.

Olivia has been defended by Jackson after MAFS
Olivia has been defended by Jackson after MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine

But now Olivia's husband Jackson has defended his wife, saying she did the right thing by ‘calling out’ Dom.

“Dom needed to be called out,” the plumber, 30, told New Idea, adding: “[Domenica] has a go at everyone's relationship when hers is the one that needs to be looked at.”

Olivia, 28, and Domenica’s, 29, feud kicked off during a very tense dinner party.

When Olivia told Dom to reconsider how she 'speaks to people', Dom was furious and ended up smashing a glass on the table.

“I really hate being told to choose my words wisely. Guess what? I'll choose my words. Because they're my words,” she slammed.

Dom and Olivia have clashed on MAFS
Dom and Olivia have clashed on MAFS. Picture: Channel Nine

Olivia hit back: “I'm sick of hearing you. I'm sick of your voice yelling all the time. I'm bored of your voice”.

“My entire life, I have been told my voice isn't okay,” Dom then fumed, before smashing her wine glass and storming off.

While Dom later apologised for the argument, Olivia refused to forgive her, which left Jackson unimpressed.

Jackson later said he didn’t like his wife’s 'snide' comments about Domenica, before Olivia burst into tears.

But it looks like the pair sorted things out, as Olivia and Jackson are currently still following each other on Instagram.

Footage of the couple arriving at the season’s reunion has also been leaked which sees them looking loved up, while the pair were also spotted on a night out in February.