Married at First Sight Australia's Jake Edwards KISSED co-star Booka Nile in shock scandal

15 November 2021, 12:54

Jake Edwards kissed Booka Nile at a NYE party
Jake Edwards kissed Booka Nile at a NYE party. Picture: Channel Nine

Who did Jake Edwards kiss on Married at First Sight Australia? Here's what we know...

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**Married at First Sight Australia season 8 spoilers below**

Married at First Sight Australia viewers might have realised Rebecca Zemek and Jake Edwards aren’t exactly a perfect match.

The couple dramatically split up on the show after Rebecca admitted to cheating on her husband.

Beck admitted to kissing a mystery man after she went home to Perth and the pair went their separate ways.

Jake and Beck got married on MAFS Australia
Jake and Beck got married on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

But Jake was also caught in his own scandal after kissing another member of the cast.

So, who did Jake kiss and what happened?

Who did Jake kiss on Married at First Sight Australia?

During the season eight Married At First Sight reunion it emerged that Jake Edwards had kissed Booka Nile on New Year's Eve.

Booka went on to say that she kissed about 10 of her friends that night so it wasn’t a big deal.

Speaking to 9 Entertainment, she said: "I also kissed Beth. I kissed Beth, and Beth and Jake also gave each other a kiss.

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"That was literally just like a tradition that we were… in my family and friend group it's just really fricking normal," she told the publication.

"The kiss did mean something. It meant 'Happy New Year, Jake'."

Jake said he regrets the kiss, admitting: "I do regret it and I wish that it hadn't happened because it had a carry-on effect and it hurt Beck… “

Beck claimed it was ‘the kiss that broke the camel's back’, saying she was annoyed at being lied to.

“It wasn't necessarily the kiss that impacted the relationship however it was more Jake and his accountability afterwards.

Jake and Booka kissed during MAFS filming
Jake and Booka kissed during MAFS filming. Picture: Channel Nine

"Being blamed for it. I guess being told that it didn't happen. It was just all the dishonesty that came with it over and over, not even one day after even though he knew I'd seen the footage.

"I think that was where the undoing was. I didn't want to be with someone who couldn't just own it."

Booka went on to say the way Rebecca reacted to the kiss was fair, adding: "[Rebecca] felt those feelings.

“Whatever that brought up in her was caused by things that have happened to her in her past and also the types of people she hangs out with. We're from different worlds."