Why Married at First Sight UK’s Kwame Badu wouldn't let Kasia in his house

30 September 2022, 09:01

Awkward moment Kwame reveals why he’s not been intimate with Kasia yet on MAFS UK

Kwame Badu from Married at First Sight said he was 'secretive' and didn't want his wife in his home.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably completely hooked on the Married at First Sight UK drama.

And one couple who are hoping they’ll go the distance is Kwame Badu and his wife Kasia.

While the couple didn’t exactly get off to the best start, they seem to have formed a bond over the past few weeks.

Unfortunately, their relationship was tested when Kwame told his wife she wasn’t allowed in his house.

Kwame Badu married Kasia on Married at First Sight UK
Kwame Badu married Kasia on Married at First Sight UK. Picture: Channel 4

Why didn’t Kwame let Kasia in his house?

Married At First Sight UK viewers were baffled during home stays week when Kwame didn’t want to show wife Kasia where he lives.

Kwame instead took Kasia to a park as he explained that he was ‘secretive’.

He also refused to introduce his new wife to his family, inviting her to meet his friends instead.

"Why can't we go to your house?,” Kasia asked him, to which he replied: "I'm quite secretive..."

Kasia later said to the cameras: "Show me yourself, I'm showing myself to you!"

Kasia was fuming her husband wouldn't let her near his home
Kasia was fuming her husband wouldn't let her near his home. Picture: Channel 4

While we don’t know the exact reason Kwame didn’t want Kasia in his house, people had a lot to say on Twitter.

One person wrote: "Kwame can't take Kasia to his house cos he's secretive???? #MAFSUK."

"'I’m quite secretive' Nah, I’m actually done with Kwame #MAFSUK" someone else wrote along with laughing emojis.

A third person said: "Not Kwame saying he’s quite secretive?? I’m yelling! #MAFSUK."

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