Has Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago had a boob job and what other surgery has she had done?

28 April 2020, 23:36

Francesca's admitted to having surgery on the show
Francesca's admitted to having surgery on the show. Picture: Instagram

The beautiful Netflix reality TV star looks incredible, so which work has

Too Hot To Handle is everyone's newest obsession on Netflix and the eight-party reality dating series has had everyone deep-diving into the contestants' Instagram.

Francesca Farago, the Canadian model is one of the show's most popular contestants, racking up 3m followers on Instagram since her time on the show.

She's naturally beautiful but has undeniably had a few small tweaks done to her appearance - we reveal all we know.

What surgery has Francesca had done?

On the show, Francesca admits her boobs are fake, and that she's proud of having had implants in (well, they do look amazing).

Heart.co.uk spoke to cosmetic doctor Lucy Glancey of Glancey clinics in Harley Street and Essex, who revealed: "Francesca has definitely had implants or filler put into her breasts as the overall shape and size has changed.

"Her top lip was practically non existent before (if you look back to 2015) but looks like she has had fillers on both lips.

"I do not think she has had fillers in her cheeks alone as she has not got the skeletal looking face that presents itself when girls have too much filler in their cheeks, as this can make the area under their cheekbones appear hollow.

"I believe the volume has been added under the cheek in the so called sub malar area to balance out and avoid the skeleton appearance. It leads to a more balanced or harmonious face appearance"

What other work has she had done?

Dr Glancey added: "Francesca's body looks different now compared to previous pictures she was much slimmer all round, it looks like she has put on a bit of weight and is a lot healthier.

"Her bottom was much smaller then so it’s possible she has had some enhancements such as fillers in the lower poles of her buttocks as it’s much shapelier now” .

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