Too Hot To Handle's Nicole O'Brien reveals Sharron wants Rhonda back, but she's moved on

13 May 2020, 18:42

Nicole spoke about her favourite couples from the Netlfix show
Nicole spoke about her favourite couples from the Netlfix show. Picture: Instagram

Heart spoke to Nicole about her favourite moments from the show, and whether or not she thinks Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago's relationship will last...

Too Hot To Handle has been the ultimate binge-worthy series on Netflix during lockdown, and the stars of the show have shot to fame, literally overnight.

An entire year after it was filmed, after keeping the whole show top secret from all of their friends and families, the stars are beginning to navigate their new found celebrity status. spoke to Nicole O'Brien, the series' feisty Irish gal, and she is still getting to grips with the fact people see her as a star.

Although Nicole's parents and a select group of friends from London (where she now lives) knew she'd flown to Mexico last year to film the reality dating show for a whole month, the 23-year-old's friends from home in Cork had absolutely no clue.

She elaborated: "They thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth cause I had no phone and was uncontactable, they were reaching out to my family like 'is she okay?'

"My family had to say 'oh she's on a work trip, she's lost her phone, she's fine!', but it was so so hard keeping this secret for a whole year."

Once she uploaded the trailer for the show to her Instagram, on April 10th, her friends were shellshocked: "They were completely shocked and I was inundated with messages!"

While it's undoubtedly been very hard for the cast to keep the show and its outcomes a secret for a whole year, it's interesting to look at where all of the stars are now, especially in terms of their relationships.

In the final episode, there were only two definite couples, and they were Sharron Townsend who found love with Rhonda Paul, and the very frisky Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago.

When asked if she was shocked that Harry and Frankie were the only couple left standing, Nicole told us she was gutted Rhonda and Sharron split up as they were her favourite couple.

"Sharron I have so much time for him, he developed so much in the retreat and went from major trust issues to really opening up to us, so its a pity it didn't work out with them", she said.

Nicole added: "I was on the phone with Rhonda the other day, and she was saying she's in a new relationship now and Sharron does want to give things another go, but she doesn't know if it's the right time.

"But hopefully in the future? You'll never know!"

Speaking about whether or not she thinks Francesca and Harry will go the distance as a couple, she said: "I hope they work out, they are very compatible, they're very similar, but you never know.

"She lives in Canada and he's in LA, and I know it's only a couple hours flight but with busy schedules... you just don't know.

"I hope for their sake it all works out".

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