Who is on The Masked Singer UK? All the characters, clues and theories so far

23 January 2021, 15:30

The Masked Singer costumes have been revealed
The Masked Singer costumes have been revealed. Picture: ITV

Who is on The Masked Singer? Find out the clues, theories and rumours about the celebrities behind the masks.

Good news for fans of the most bonkers show on TV - The Masked Singer is back on our screens.

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The ITV show returned on Boxing Day, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Joel Dommett has returned to host the show, with Rita Ora, Davina McCall and Jonathan Ross all reprising their roles on the panel.

The Masked Singer returns to ITV on Boxing Day
The Masked Singer is back! Picture: ITV

If you're already getting going with the guessing game about who each character is, see below for a list of all the characters (and clues about their identities...).

The Masked Singer characters 2020


Alien was unmasked on episode one - find out their identity here.

The Masked Singer's Alien
The Masked Singer's Alien. Picture: ITV


The Masked Singer's Sausage
The Masked Singer's Sausage. Picture: ITV

Sausage first performance clues

Sausage said in her first VT: "Hello, it's me, Sausage.

"The thing about Sausages is that they're a combination of a little bit of everything, and I guess you could say the same about me.

"With my chips and my newspaper wrapping, I might look a bit of a tomboy, but i really am a girly girl.

"I love a bit of glam, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun, and to be honest I'm a bit of a silly sausage, and to be honest I just want to have a laugh.

"And tonight I'm singing a real banger."

Sausage second performance clues

In her second VT in week two, Sausage said: "Let me catch up on my last performance.

"Wow what a great response, I'm overwhelmed cos honestly I'm just a regular old sausage

"The panel tried really hard to get the scoop on who i am, this sausage has certainly put the panel in a pickle and im relishing every moment

""he thing with sausages is that they can me gourmet or they can be no nonsense, and I'm definitely a bit of the latter.

"I don't mind speaking my own mind and following my own path, but ultimately i love a bit of the simple life.

"I don't need a glam party, I'm very happy with a couple of beers and a bag of potato snacks.

"I'm equally at ease with a night in at home, you'll most likely find me with a hammer and set of nails, because I love a bit of DIY."

Sausage celebrity theories

The most popular theory on Sausage's identity is currently Sheridan Smith, with Billie Piper and Stacey Solomon also popular theories.

Further 'evidence' pointing to Sausage being Sheridan Smith was found in her 'two lies and a truth' segment in episode three.

Sausage said the following:

"My hair colour is officially certified by law.

"Someone once said I look like a popstar, I sound like a popstar and I am a popstar.

"I owe my career to a horse"

Jonathan Ross then pointed out Sheridan starred on the West End in Legally Blonde, which would fall in line with the first clue...


The Masked Singer's Dragon
The Masked Singer's Dragon. Picture: ITV

Dragon first performance clues

Dragon said in their first VT: "I am the Dragon.

"The Thing about dragons it they're all fire and strength on the outside, but they just want to be loved.

"Becoming a dragon has meant I've literally become a big character, but im not entirely sure thats how I'm usually thought of.

"Anyways, I mustn't drag on.

"Tonight, are you going to try and guess who I am?"

Dragon second performance clues

Before their second performance, Dragon said: "Hiding behind Dragon, I can perform in a way i would never be able to do normally.

"The thing about dragons is, they are brave. or at leats thats what people think. I cant decide whether I'm brave or silly.

"But i'll tell you this, I'll do anything for a dare.

"It was a dare that got me started in my career.

"Being on stage, that is a scary thing. But it was from being on stage that I met a boyfriend, so it's not been all bad.

Dragon added that performing in costume helps them hide their 'big belly'.

Dragon celebrity theories

There is some debate over whether Dragon is a man or a woman, with Davina claiming that Dragon sings in a woman's voice.

Some people on Twitter suggested that Dragon could be Courtney Act, with others suggesting Michelle Visage.


The Masked Singer's Seahorse
The Masked Singer's Seahorse. Picture: ITV

Seahorse was unmasked on episode two - find out who was behind the mask here...


The Masked Singer's Viking
The Masked Singer's Viking. Picture: ITV

Viking first performance clues

Viking said in his first VT: "You are curious who I am, I am curious too, and that's the thing about a Viking, we are a curious kind.

"We are explorers, we forge our own way. We discover answers, and in my career, throughout this competition, I'll be looking for a voice."

Viking second performance clues

Viking said in their second VT: "Being a Viking, you live by your instincts."

He added that his 'footprints are across great countries outside of my own'.

"Doing my own thing underlines everything, including breaking the rules.

"Sometimes success can be found when I break something.

"Tonight, the battle calls for me once more."

Viking celebrity theories

Twitter seems divided by who Viking could be, with suggestions including Ricky Wilson, Tom Jones, Bear Grylls, and Brian Cox.

Rita Ora also suggested Bear Grylls, and Davina McCall guessed footballer Ledley King.

Mo Gilligan also guessed Ricky Wilson, while Jonathan predicted Taron Egerton.

Viking's final clue was: "I may be a Viking, but I also wear another kind of armour".

This clue prompted Rita to guess Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen.


The Masked Singer's Blob
The Masked Singer's Blob. Picture: ITV

Blob first performance clues

Blob appears to be a man, and said in their first VT: "I'm big, bright and loud. Oh, and it's not the first time I've been called four eyes. having these extra eyes helps me to observe everything, and I've definitely done a lot of that in my career

"As a kid I wanted to be James bond or batman, but instead I became the Blob.

"Tonight I've got all four eyes on the prize, and I'm, hoping to go out there and make a good first impression."

Many people on Twitter have guessed that Blob could be Lenny Henry, with one writing: "Lenny Henry is my guess that voice sounds so familiar".

Blob's final clue was: "I have recorded a demo for Simon Cowell".

Blob second performance clues

Before Blob's second performance, he said: "In my last performance, the panel were getting some serious teacher vibes
I’m a bit of an academic, so maybe i can teach them a lesson in guessing.

"Have they got the shape of me? Absolutely not.

"As a musician, I’ve had the great fortune to duet with amazing artists over the years.

"I played to large audiences and also intimate celebrity gigs - I even played for a top political journalist.

"My career has seen me record with the best, like when i worked with George Michael’s producer.

"Even though I've got no hands, I’ve written songs too. Tonight I hope to write Blob a winning anthem."

Blob celebrity theories

Guesses from the judges included Greg Davies, Richard Osmond and Andy Peters.

By far the popular guess on Twitter is that Blob is Lenny Henry, with viewers pretty much unanimous in the view that it's him.


The Masked Singer's Harlequin
The Masked Singer's Harlequin. Picture: ITV

Harlequin first performance clues

In their first VT, Harlequin said: "roll up, roll up here I am, the Harlequin.

"A harlequin is a bit of a clown, and although I'm no fool, you can definitely say that i'm a bit of a jack.

Would i say taking part in the masked signer was a laugh? absolutely not. the thought of walking on stage is quite terrifying, you might have to push me on there.

"It's like doing karaoke and that is a whole new experience for me.

Harlequin added: "Bring on all the fun of the fair."

Harlequin's final clue was: "I once played a male lead in a musical"

Harlequin second performance clues

Before Harlequin's second performance, she said that she 'loves to read' and that 'all round the world' her stories are heard.

Her two lies and a truth were as follows:

- My bodyguard receive a lot of attention.

- I get up before the sun for work.

- I once turned down a prince.

Harlequin celebrity theories

Many people on Twitter have predicted that Harlequin could be singer Gabrielle, with others suggesting Kym Marsh and Emilie Sande.


The Masked Singer's Swan
The Masked Singer's Swan. Picture: ITV

Swan has now been unmasked - find out their identity here.

Bush Baby

The Masked Singer's Bush Baby
The Masked Singer's Bush Baby. Picture: ITV

Bush Baby first performance clues

Bush Baby appears to be a man and speaks in an Australian accent.

He said in his first VT: "I'm a nocturnal creature, night time is when you might find me up and about. bush babies are very cheeky and full of mischief, do you want to see a magic trick? i've got some tricks up my sleeve.

"This isn't my first competition, i've been training.

"Tonight I'm bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go."

Bush Baby second performance clues

Before his second performance, Bush Baby said: "I use my magic skills to trick the panel.

"But now the real fun begins as I whip up a special dish of confusion and misdirection, with a big dollop of cuteness on the side.

"At the end of the day, the winner takes it all.

"I’ve cobbled together a game plan to become the ultimate master of deception. I have a great disguise. Am I look at accents? Absolutely.

"Am I a trickster? Thats the name of the game.

"Tonight I’m using my whole box of tricks to make sureI skip through to the next round."

Bush Baby celebrity theories

Many people on Twitter guessed Jason Donovan, with other suggestions including Mark Little and John Torode.

Guesses from the judges included Peter Andre, Jamie Oliver, Gino D'Campo and Ant McPartlin.

Bush Baby's final clue was: "a lot of my wardrobe has been seen on screen."


The Masked Singer's Badger
The Masked Singer's Badger. Picture: ITV

Badger said in its first VT: "Yo, I'm the Badger.

"The Badger is a pretty unmistakable animal, yet life behind the mask means my identity is going to be completely hidden.

"In my career, I've been totally used to being anonymous.

"Seriously, there have been times i could have been on the street surrounded by people, but nobody would have had any idea who I am.

"Tonight, it's me versus Sausage, and I';m going to try and claw my way to victory."

Badger second performance clues

Badger said in his second VT: "My last performance was amazing.

"When it comes to digging, they'll have to get up extra early to catch me.

"Badgers are shy creatures, and I certainly was when I was younger, especially around girls.

"At school, I wrote poems about girls that I liked, but I was so shy i'd never show them.

"Due to my shyness, for years, I had a talent for years I kept hidden

"Then why day I decided to show my friends what i could do, and this badger blossomed.

"Then I learnt a lesson - be yourself is your greatest gift.

"Badger fur is black and white and I'm going to go out there and win tonight."

Badger's 'two lies and a truth' are as follows:

"I'm good at dodging furniture.

"When working, I'm often found in green.

"Strictly speaking, dancing is something I'm well known for."

Badger celebrity theories

Theories about Badger's identity include Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, Andy Serkis, Will Young and Peter Andre.


The Masked Singer's Robin
The Masked Singer's Robin. Picture: ITV

Speaking during the first episode, Robin said: "I'm the robin and "I'm here to play.

"I'm ready to go the distance, think you can keep up?

"I'm trained and now im fighting fit for the masked singer. My costume is pretty fly.

"Tonight, nobody is gonna knock this robin off its perch."

Dropping another hint after his performance, Robin said: "I may be a Robin, but I have been known to fly without wings."

Robin second performance clues

Before Robin's second performance, he said: "I had so much fun out there, I felt like I was in a world of my own.

"Sport has always bene a huge part of my life.

"If I wasn't on the athletics track I'd be out in the pitch for kick around. It's safe to know I always knew I'd be a footballer.

"Being out on the field takes a lot of co-ordination, it's like a sort of dance.

"I've really puffed out my chest in pride when I've represented my country."

He also hinted that he could have played in a red shirt while playing football, indicating he could have played for Manchester United or Liverpool.

After his second performance, Robin gave 'two lies and a truth' about his identity.

These were:

"My real name is out of this world.

"This Robin's Habitat is more tropical than you think.

"I started performing by doing impressions."

Robin celebrity theories

Twitter theories on Robin's identity include Olly Murs, Aston Merrygold and Joe Swash.

Grandfather Clock 

The Masked Singer's Grandfather Clock
The Masked Singer's Grandfather Clock. Picture: ITV

Grandfather Clock has now been unmasked - find out who was behind the mask here.


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