Alison Hammond divides opinion after microwaving eggs to make omelette on This Morning

29 May 2020, 10:21

Alison microwaved an omelette from scratch using a nifty tool
Alison microwaved an omelette from scratch using a nifty tool. Picture: ITV

The hilarious This Morning star gave us a peek into her new kitchen.

Alison Hammond had the whole nation laughing once again as she presented a cooking segment for This Morning earlier this week.

The star, 45, was showing Eamonn and Ruth her favourite cooking hacks using a microwave, and revealed a tool that a allowed you to cook full blown meals in seconds.

Alison presented a cooking segment at her home
Alison presented a cooking segment at her home. Picture: ITV

Mum-of-one Alison explained how she could even fry bacon in the tool, which shocked viewers.

The unusual hack left many viewers outraged that their beloved crispy treat could be prepared in such an effortless manner, with even host Ruth Langsford insisting bacon belongs in a frying pan.

Alison told viewers that they could use a special plastic plate to lay out the rashers, and after just three minutes in the microwave they were delicious and crispy.

However, what really got viewers feeling ill was when the presenter showed everyone at home the omelette she'd made.

People couldn't believe that she'd microwaved eggs and that the meal was actually edible.

They took to Twitter to air their thoughts on the unconventional cooking method.

"Alison Hammon microwaving an OMLETTE on #ThisMorning.... I'm gonna be sick", said one user.

"Please no, why is Alison Hammond cooking eggs in a bloody microwave" added another.