Is John Barrowman on The Masked Singer? viewers convinced he's The Unicorn

31 January 2020, 11:44 | Updated: 3 February 2020, 13:40

Masked Singer: Who is The Unicorn? All the evidence, clues and theories about his identity.

The entire nation has become gripped by a bonkers new show featuring celebrities dressed in elaborate costumes sing for a live audience.

The Masked Singer is on ITV every Saturday, and viewers can't get enough of watching a bunch of mystery celebs perform in disguise.

Predictably, there is much theorising and speculation among viewers about who is on the show - and many people reckon that John Barrowman could be behind the unicorn mask.

Here's everything we know about The Unicorn's identity.

Who is The Unicorn on The Masked Singer? Is it really John Barrowman?

The Unicorn performed on the first episode of The Masked Singer, treating the judges and audience to a rendition of Kate Bush's Babooshka.

The Unicorn performed a rendition of Kate Bush's Babooshka
The Unicorn performed a rendition of Kate Bush's Babooshka. Picture: ITV

Many fans took to Twitter to guess that The Unicorn is John Barrowman - and he dropped a massive hint that they're correct during a recent episode of Dancing On Ice.

Host Phillip Schofield said: "If last night's show is anything to go by it seems one of our judges is leading a secret life."

Holly then asked: "Right John Barrowman I’m only going to ask you this once. Are you or are you not moonlighting as a Kate Bush loving Unicorn?"

John said that he couldn't say if it was him, and Holly asked if she could borrow his outfit - to which he said: "You’d have to rip it out of my closet if i had it."

Many shocked viewers took to Twitter to express their disbelief that he had seemingly confirmed it was him, saying: "Wtf John, you're not supposed to actually out yourself as Unicorn yet!"

In Unicorn's VT, he teased that he has an American or Canadian accent, likes to stand out from the crowd and is a bit of a 'showpony'.

As well as John Barrowman, some viewers have theorised that he might be Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears.

Which celebrities have been revealed on The Masked Singer?

The first two celebrities to be unmasked were Patsy Palmer and Alan Johnson.

Former Eastenders star Patsy Palmer was revealed as Butterfly after her rendition of You Got The Love by Florence And The Machine.

Patsy Palmer was the first celeb to be unmasked
Patsy Palmer was the first celeb to be unmasked. Picture: ITV

The next celeb to be unmasked was former Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who performed Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles while dressed as a Pharaoh on Sunday night.

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The Labour politician, who served under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said: "I didn’t tell my kids, only my wife as we were sworn to silence. I texted my children [Emma, Jamie and Oliver] on Sunday saying they had to watch.

"My mother-in-law asked me whether I was in the audience."

The following week, Justin Hawkins was revealed to be Chameleon - and Teddy Sheringham was unmasked as the tree the next Saturday.

Kelis was unmasked as Daisy last week, much to the delight of the audience.

When is The Masked Singer on ITV?

The Masked Singer is on every Saturday at 7PM.

Who are the rest of the Masked Singer contestants?

The remaining contestants are as follows:

1) Octopus

2) Fox

3) Hedgehog

6) Monster

9) Queen Bee

The Masked Singer returns on Saturday at 7PM.
The Masked Singer returns on Saturday at 7PM. Picture: ITV

Who presents The Masked Singer UK?

Joel Dommett is the host of The Masked Singer.

Who are the judges on The Masked Singer UK?

Ken Jeong, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Rita Ora are the judges on the competition.

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