Where is Grantchester filmed? The real location in Cambridge revealed

11 March 2022, 12:30

Grantchester was filmed in Cambridge
Grantchester was filmed in Cambridge. Picture: Alamy/ITV

Is Grantchester a real place? Here's what we know about the ITV drama filming location...

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Grantchester is back for its seventh season along with all your favourites including Robson Green as Geordie Keating and Tom Brittany as Will Davenport.

This time around, the story is set in the summer of 1959, with wedding season in full swing.

The synopsis reads: "As the Reverend Will Davenport unites happy couples in holy matrimony, Detective Inspective Geordie Keating is busy as ever investigating a range of local murder cases.

Grantchester is a real place in Cambridgeshire
Grantchester is a real place in Cambridgeshire. Picture: ITV

"With a new decade just around the corner, the question of what the future holds is on everyone's minds, not least Will's, but before the 50s roll over into the swinging sixties there are some crimes to solve and some life-changing decisions to be made that might change life in Grantchester forever."

But where is Grantchester filmed and is it a real place?

Is Grantchester a real place?

Grantchester is a real village in Cambridgeshire, which is about an hour from London.

The tranquil place sits beside the River Cam and has lots of thatched cottages, pubs and a medieval church.

It’s known for the Orchard Tea Garden which was loved by former village resident, poet Rupert Brooke.

Grantchester is in Cambridge
Grantchester is in Cambridge. Picture: ITV

Being so close to the prestigious University of Cambridge, the town also boasts the world's highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners.

Grantchester filming locations

Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary

Any church scenes are filmed at the church of St. Andrew and St. Mary which dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

As for the Vicarage in the series, this sits next to the church and is about 300 years old.

Grantchester Meadow

Viewers will recognise the beautiful setting of Grantchester Meadow hosting many romantic walks over the past few years.

Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Grantchester
Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Grantchester. Picture: Alamy

It’s just to the south of the city of Cambridge and is part of the broad green flood plain from the pubs in Grantchester to the Ditton Plough.

The Green Man Pub

If you’ve ever seen Grantchester, you might also recognise the historic pub, The Green Man.

Unfortunately, the pub closed down during the Covid pandemic, but it was still used for exterior shots during drama.

Kings College at Cambridge University and King's Parade in Cambridge, were also used in some scenes.

Where else is Grantchester filmed?

In the past, other towns have also been used in the series including King's Cross Station and Borough Market in London.

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