Married couple

'Regular sex and don't raise your voice.' Women slam sexiest new marriage rulebook

Should you be wearing suncream everyday?

What does SPF mean, should you wear factor 50 sun cream and how often should you apply it?

The brand new cocktails will be perfect for the weekend

These cheeky cans will bring the bar to your bedroom this bank holiday weekend

The picture isn't all as it seems...

Bizarre optical illusion that makes model's leg look terrifyingly thin is baffling the internet

There's an important reason you shouldn't go barefoot on a plane

Ex-flight attendant reveals why you should never take your shoes off on a plane

The woman was so terrified by the spider she let her van roll into the water

Woman jumps out of moving van because she spotted a spider

Foot peel asset

People can’t stop talking about these foot peels that remove dead skin

Scientists have revealed women are more comfortable in warmer offices

New study reveals women work better than men in warm offices

You can download The Sims 4 for free RIGHT NOW

Sims 4 is available to download for FREE right now... and you can keep it forever

Hartwell House is a hidden gem just outside of Ayelsbury

A stay at Hartwell House will make you want history to repeat itself

Some pregnant mums crave non-food items such as chalk

These mums crave chalk, talcum powder and even paper towels when pregnant

House flies are pesky but a mum has come up with an amazing hack

Mum reveals simple hack to banish house flies using water, coins and plastic bag

One mum was outraged by a note she found in her child's lunchbox

Furious mum reveals teacher threw out her child's lunchbox treat because it's 'not fair' on classmates

Weird & Wonderful

Dust could be making you fat! Time for a spring clean.

Is the dust in your home making you FAT? Scientists claim chemicals in grime are causing weight gain

Check your ears for an eight-legged critter!

Horror as cause of woman's earache is confirmed as SPIDER living inside her ear

Isle of Man residents have been shocked by a polar bear display

Shoppers horrified by 'polar bear sex act' display in local shop

Quality Street

Quality Street fans furious after favourite chocolate vanishes from tubs

Rock heading towards Earth

There's A Massive Object Hurtling Towards Earth And NASA Don't Quite Know What It Is Yet

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Horse Achieves True Happiness With The Help Of Rubber Chicken Toy

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Where Are Those S Club Junior Band Members Now?

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Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne's Retro Family Throwback Snap Is An 80s Dream