Gemma Collins reveals Dancing On Ice fall has 'really affected' her sex life with Arg

10 April 2019, 08:29

Gemma Collins made the shocking admission in front of James Argent
Gemma Collins made the shocking admission in front of James Argent. Picture: ITV
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The GC made the stark admission on Celebrity Juice, admitting the horror tumble has stopped her kneeling during romps with James Argent.

Gemma Collins' horrific Dancing On Ice fall had a knock on effect in her bedroom.

The 38-year-old made the shocking admission on last night's Celebrity Juice, explaining that the nasty tumble left her so bruised and sore that she can no longer kneel - and it's affected her sex life with James Argent.

Speaking about the jaw-dropping live TV moment she said: "I was in agony. I bruised my boobs and my knees.

"It's really affected our personal life because the knees are so bad that I can't sort of do anything on them anymore.

"I've got to have cortisone injections. It's really affected us in the bedroom."

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When guest Michelle Visage asked why Gemma doesn't simply lie back and let on-off boyfriend Arg, 31, do all the work, Gemma made another saucy admission.

Arg laughed: "My belly gets in the way."

Gemma was one of the most talked about contestants on Dancing On Ice when it aired earlier this year, with her on and off rink antics putting her in the headlines every day.

From calling out Jason Gardiner for "selling stories" on her to bringing in a shaman to cleanse the DOI ice rink, Gemma battled trolls, bad body image and accusations of being lazy and uninterested in the contest.

But it was her painful fall that really sticks in people's memories.

She blamed the catastrophe on blacking out on the ice, and later was seen being pushed around in a wheelchair by her devoted partner - who later fat-shamed her and described her as having "more rolls than Greggs" in a vicious string of leaked messages.

Weeks later it seems Gemma was able to get her own back as she revealed on national TV the last time Arg "soiled himself".

Answering Holly Willoughby's grim question during a game of Mr and Mrs, Gemma said he was caught short during a trip to Tenerife.

Holly, 38, asked: "When and where did Arg last soil himself?"

After pausing - and despite Arg's protests - Gemma said: "I've got to be honest here, hun. Ready for it? Be honest, James, you know the moment...

"On holiday you had to stop for five minutes and hold it."

Gemma Collins and Arg pictured in February
Gemma Collins and Arg pictured in February. Picture: Getty

Arg said: "I was drinking too much green tea."

However, when Gemma revealed the answer she had written down, the audience let out a collective gasp of shock.

She had written, "On my bed" - but Arg was quick to insist that it was only Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the sheets.

Eventually he conceded, "last week in Tenerife".

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