Bradley Walsh is inconsolable after Eamonn Holmes makes filthy joke on This Morning

16 December 2019, 16:14 | Updated: 7 February 2020, 12:14

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The hilarious TV presenter is known for being easily shaken when it comes to laughing on camera.

Bradley Walsh couldn't help but breaking down into laughter on This Morning as he was interviewed by Ruth Langford and Eamonn Holmes.

The 59-year-old was on the morning ITV show to discuss the second series of his show with his son Barney, called Breaking Dad and was discussing the challenges he'd come across and what we have in store for the new series.

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Eamonn was questioning Bradley about his show, where he previously rode a bull
Eamonn was questioning Bradley about his show, where he previously rode a bull. Picture: ITV
Eamonn joked about the big thing between his legs
Eamonn joked about the big thing between his legs. Picture: ITV

Eamonn, 60 asked Chase presenter Bradley: "but what's it like to have a bull between your legs? I mean that is absolutely incredible".

This was in reference to the show and Bradley's encounter with some bulls, but it was enough to set him off laughing and the star grabbed his faced and started howling with laughter, with Ruth being affected too.

As Ruth let out a laugh, Bradley's face was a picture as he tried to hold in his giggles, and Ruth suggested "have a sip of tea" so that he'd not be set off too much.

Bradley put his hands over his face as he wheezed
Bradley put his hands over his face as he wheezed. Picture: ITV

But Walsh, who's known for his laughter breakdowns on The Chase when any dirty play on words is mentioned in a question, was unconsolable for a few moments, as Eamonn rambled on.

The Northern Irish host was fully awake of the joke he'd just made but kept a straight face and carried on asking Bradley more innuendos.

I mean, how do you control that beast? It's an amazing massive block of meat, it's incredible, horns and all it's awful.

Bradley's face was an absolute picture
Bradley's face was an absolute picture. Picture: ITV

I admire anyone who could do it, but I couldn't do it myself, did you not get on that and think 'I'm gonna die'?"

Bradley tried to answer the question but was stumbling over his words: "I, I mean, I actually, erm, sorry what was the question?" he said fighting back tears.

He finally pulled himself together: "I, there, that, there, yeah I promise you, you need to watch it, I think that's episode four, we travelled up from Key West to Maine, and yeah there were a few bumps and scratches."

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