Britain’s Got Talent viewers think cameraman 'exposed’ magician's trick

28 May 2019, 11:32 | Updated: 28 May 2019, 11:34

Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell were spooked by The Haunting
Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell were spooked by The Haunting. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Amanda Holden was left in tears after being terrified by 'The Haunting' for a second time.

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals were back on Monday evening, which means we got to watch the nation’s most weird and wonderful acts perform in front of a live audience.

But as magician Elizabeth took to the stage with ‘The Haunting’, things didn’t exactly go to plan, with many viewers convinced the cameraman exposed her trick.

Judge Amanda Holden became part of the supernatural act as she was led down to the basement to meet ‘Florence the ghost’.

The 48-year-old was scared out of her skin when Florence’s mum Agatha then smashed through a mirror, before grabbing her arm to lead her back upstairs.

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As Agatha transformed back into magician Elizabeth, Amanda was so terrified that she accidentally dropped the F-bomb - but fans spotted something which seemingly gave the game away.

While Amanda made her way to the stage, the camera panned around the room and exposed somebody hiding behind a wall on the stairs, leading many to believe it was Elizabeth ready to swap back into the act.

Elizabeth's trick was seemingly exposed on BGT
Elizabeth's trick was seemingly exposed on BGT. Picture: ITV

"Well the haunting went wrong saw her arm come out from the side has Amanda walked up the stairs with the so called Agatha," one viewer slammed on Twitter.

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Another said: "The Haunting...anyone else see the other girl coming out of the stairs to take over from ‘Agatha’?"

A third asked: "Did anyone else notice the woman standing on the stairs ready to swap over on the haunting act?"

And a fourth added: "Loooool bad move camera man! We saw you hiding.”

While fans think they saw through Elizabeth and her act, Amanda was forced to apologise after swearing pre-watershed.

Issuing a statement, the TV presenter admitted: "I really want to apologise for saying a terrible word. I know my kids are watching so I apologise for that. I can honestly say I feel terrified."

Following the dramatic episode, the public voted David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer act Flakefleet Primary School and Police dog handler act Dave and Finn through to Sunday night's final.

The live semi-finals continue on ITV at 7:30pm tonight.