Controversial new Channel 4 show will see single mums 'match up' with a sperm donor

9 September 2019, 13:23 | Updated: 9 September 2019, 13:28

Channel 4 is creating a controversial new documentary
Channel 4 is creating a controversial new documentary. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Single women will now be given the chance to match up with potential fathers in a brand new show.

Channel 4 are reportedly in the midst of creating a controversial new television show based on sperm donation.

According to The Sun, the programme will see mums carefully examine the background of a string of potential dads along with the help of an expert panel.

They will then pick their favourite to start a family with, before meeting with them for the chance of successfully co-parenting the child.

Explaining the unconventional theory behind the reality show, a TV insider told the publication: “This is a show which explores women who want to take complete control of their own fertility and what sort of family they want to create.

Channel 4 are producing a new show for wannabe parents
Channel 4 are producing a new show for wannabe parents. Picture: PA Images

“And obviously the concept is one which will be challenging to viewers as it will not be seen as a traditional way to have children.”

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They added: “But the reality is that, as things stand, women can already go through a similar process, particularly with the growth of online services that involve anonymous donors.

“So the idea is to examine that journey, how it can be improved and how, with more information about potential dads, they might make better decisions.”

While Channel 4 has insisted that this is not a new dating show similar to Love Island, it’s always possible that the wannabe parents could develop a romance as they embark on their journey together.

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There’s no news on when it will air just yet, but with the concept reportedly still in development, it could be a while before we see it on our telly screens.

Channel 4 is no stranger to a controversial new show, and last month bosses were blasted for airing a documentary called ‘How To Train Your Baby Like A Dog’.

The programme saw animal behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden teach parents to use dog training techniques on young children.

Speaking during the show, Jo-Rosie said: "I don't understand why we haven't been applying animal techniques to humans, universally."

But her unconventional methods such as using the ‘clicker’ - typically used to teach dogs to follow commands - and telling a child to ‘sit’, caused fury with parents on Twitter, with many branding it “irresponsible” and “ludicrous”.

When approached by, a Channel 4 spokesperson defended the documentary, telling us: “It explores a new approach to childcare, grounded in positive, science-based motivational techniques that are used widely by parenting coaches and animal behaviour experts.

“Throughout filming and broadcast, the welfare of all contributors in the programme is of paramount importance and the process is supervised by qualified child psychologists.”

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