Piers Morgan insults AJ Pritchard and Saffron Barker by asking Strictly stars if they've had sex

3 October 2019, 13:55

Saffron and AJ laughed awkwardly
Saffron and AJ laughed awkwardly. Picture: ITV

As usual, the controversial presenter wasn't able to hold his tongue and made everyone uncomfortable.

Piers Morgan caused an incredibly awkward scene to happen between Strictly's AJ Pritchard and contestant Saffron Barker on Good Morning Britain.

The ITV morning show co-host, 54, was presenting a Strictly Come Dancing segment of the show with Susanna Reid, 48, and one of the current series' couples were on as guests.

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Things weren't off to a great start as Piers rudely decided to announce he didn't know who either of the pair were, interrupting Susanna's introduction to the segment to let everyone know he hadn't done his research.

After he found out AJ, 23, was the brother of Love Islander Curtis, he said: "We've got the brother of someone in Love Island, that's a big coup, isn't it? Anyone's dogs from Love Island available?"

And as soon as they were on the show, he made 19-year-old Saffron feel small by demanding her to explain what she does.

AJ and Saffron were embarrassed by Piers who asked them the rude quesion
AJ and Saffron were embarrassed by Piers who asked them the rude quesion. Picture: PITV

Saffron said: "I am a 19-year-old YouTuber. A YouTuber is someone who creates their own content online."

She explained she made lifestyle, beauty and comedy content, to which Piers demanded: "Make me laugh."

However, things only got more awkward when AJ started explaining about their training for Strictly and Piers interrupted to ask whether or not AJ had tried it on with Saffron.

He asked: "Are you two at it yet like all the Strictly couples?

"You all do it sooner or later. Don't tell me you haven't tried."

The pair are fifth on the Strictly leaderboard
The pair are fifth on the Strictly leaderboard. Picture: ITV

Both AJ and Saffron shook their heads and exclaimed "No!" before AJ said: "I have a girlfriend. She is a hot blonde also.

"It's the profession Piers, so if you want to make it work you do 12-hour days."

A picture of AJ and his girlfriend then popped up, which caused Piers to say: "Oh there she is, you've got a point. You are punching though."

AJ and Saffron are currently in fifth place on the Strictly leaderboard after putting on a racy display over the weekend.

Fans were convinced the pair had kissed after AJ dipped Saffron very low and they held their faces together.

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