EastEnders' Martin Fowler star James Bye welcomes fourth baby

22 June 2023, 08:28 | Updated: 22 June 2023, 09:00

James Bye has revealed he has welcomed his fourth baby
James Bye has revealed he has welcomed his fourth baby. Picture: Instagram

How many children does James Bye have and who is his wife? Here's what we know...

EastEnders actor James Bye has announced he has welcomed another baby with his wife Victoria.

The Martin Fowler star announced he was expecting his fourth child back in January, and has now shared sweet photos of the newborn.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday evening, Victoria opened up about her tough labour with ‘lots of ups and downs’.

She wrote: "Oh baby…. He's here… After a long induction, a long labour, lots of ups & downs & all the drama along the way (oh don't you worry I'll be filling you in on everything…) our hearts are near to bursting with the arrival of our precious baby boy…

"I just can't believe I have him, here, in my arms, safely home and ours to keep for always. It still hasn't sunk in… I'm definitely still in shock and I still can't believe he's mine.

"It's been a long old journey to get him and now as he lays against my chest, whimpering softly, already starting to root for some booby time I feel like I'm the luckiest mama in the land.

"I'm soaking it all in. Letting my hair sit like a birds nest on my head, letting the washing pile up, letting the hours while away as I hold him, and sniff him (oh that smell) because I've waited so long for this moment. And I'm loving every second… xx."

She went on to say that her soap star husband and their sons are "all besotted" with their newest family member.

James Bye has shared a photo of his newborn baby
James Bye has shared a photo of his newborn baby. Picture: Instagram

"To our friends, family & all of you lovely lot… all of your support & kindness & messages. Well, it's meant the absolute world," she added.

"I'm going to take a few days to cocoon away and let my sleep befuddled brain catch up & then I'll be back with all the details. And ALL the baby spam. Much love… The Byes (all SIX of us!) xxx."

How many children does James Bye have?

James and Victoria now have four boys, Edward, eight, Louis, six and Hugo, three, and their newborn.

Opening up about having another baby, Victoria shared a post earlier this year saying she was ‘over the moon’.

“We never thought it was going to happen. We always wanted a big family but after all my endometriosis struggles…,” she said.

James Bye and his family have got even bigger
James Bye and his family have got even bigger. Picture: Instagram

“Heartbreaking miscarriages, seeing fertility doctors & 3 years of ovulation testing & disappointment - we’d honestly given up.

“I remember thinking right. Enough. I gathered up the pram & baby things & gave them all away. We both knew it couldn’t go on, the constant hope.

“And we were ok, we’d accepted how lucky we’d already been and so we got on with life.”

She added: “The boys are giddy ☺️(‘We’ll always have someone to sit next to on a rollercoaster now!’ Ever the practical Louis 😂) and yet as I smile, still amazed, I can’t help but worry…

“I think after losing a baby you can never fully let go and enjoy… despite the reassuring symptoms (thanks all day ‘morning’ sickness 🤦🏼‍♀️) and the doctors all nodding… you can’t let go of the fear.

“And so all I can do is just keep ticking off the days and hoping… 🙏🏼”

EastEnders star James Bye is married to his wife Victoria
EastEnders star James Bye is married to his wife Victoria. Picture: Instagram

Who is James Bye’s wife Victoria?

EastEnders actor James Bye's wife is Victoria Bye, who he has been married to for more than ten years.

According to reports, the couple met in a Sainsbury's car park 16 years ago when James was working on a promotion job and "handed Victoria a fruit jelly".

They went for their first date in a local pub and the rest is history, with the whole family living in Buckinghamshire.

Victoria runs an Instagram blog called Life With The Byes, with the mum recently opening up about what it’s like to raise a family in the spotlight.

She said: "We finally settled in beautiful Bucks & the boys have grown up surrounded by countryside in our messy, noisy home and we’ve tried our best to keep things normal in the happy (and sometimes hectic) life we have. But it’s still a worry…

"When Louis comes home from school and anxiously asks me what ‘famous’ is.

"Or when Hugo thinks it’s normal that everyone takes selfies with his dad."

Victoria continued: "We just want to wrap them up and protect them… but then I tell them.

"Some kids have parents that build houses, some kids have parents who work in offices - and some kids have parents that are on the telly.

"Not different from anyone else, just a different job. And simple as that they nod, and then someone shouts ‘Minecraft’ and off they run. All forgotten. All as it should be.

"I’m sure there’ll be more challenges & questions as they grow, and I’m sure they’ll have amazing opportunities too."

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