How many episodes of Heartstopper are there on Netflix?

25 April 2022, 13:31

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Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Heartstopper episode guide: how many episodes of the hit Netflix series are there?

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If you're just getting started on Heartstopper, you can be it's about the become your new Netflix obsession.

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The coming of age series - which is an adaptation of Alice Oseman's graphic novel of the same name – follows the blossoming romance between two teenagers named Charlie (played Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor).

It was released on the streaming service on April 22, and has since received huge praise for its depiction of LGBTQ+ relationships.

If you're just making a start on the series, here's your need-to-know on the episodes.

Heartstopper is available to watch on Netflix
Heartstopper is available to watch on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

How many episodes of Heartstopper are there?

There are eight episodes in total, all of which are around 30 minutes long.

Will there be a season two of Heartstopper?

We don't yet know if there will be a second season, as Netflix tends to wait until a show has been live for a few weeks before making an announcement.

Due to the popularity of the show, however, it is looking hopeful that more episodes could be on the way.

The first season covered volumes one and two of the graphic novel, and the series creator Alice Oseman previously confirmed that a possible season two would move into volume three.

Chatting to Digital Spy about where possible future seasons could go, she said: "that is when the teacher romance happens. So in the show, we've already got Mr Ajayi, but in the books there's also Mr Farouk, who comes in, in volume three. And they have this kind of interesting friendship going on in the background that eventually becomes something more.

Heartstopper has been met with huge praise since it landed on Netflix on April 22
Heartstopper has been met with huge praise since it landed on Netflix on April 22. Picture: Netflix

"I think that will be so much fun to write in the show, and I'm very excited to hopefully get to write it."

The official synopsis for volume three reads: "Charlie didn't think Nick could ever like him back, but now they're officially boyfriends. Nick has even found the courage to come out to his mom. But coming out isn't something that happens just once, and Nick and Charlie try to figure out when to tell their friends that they're dating.

"Not being out to their classmates gets even harder during a school trip to Paris. As Nick and Charlie's feelings get more serious, they'll need each other more than ever."

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