Who is I'm A Celeb star Andy Whyment's wife Nichola? Coronation Street actor family life revealed

8 December 2019, 21:06 | Updated: 8 December 2019, 21:11

The actor is best known as Coronation Street's Kirk Sutherland, but he is currently a long way from Weatherfield - and his gorgeous wife.

I'm A Celebrity finalist Andy Whyment already had legions of fans from his time on Corrie.

But since entering the I'm A Celeb jungle as a latecomer alongside EastEnders star Cliff Parisi, he has earned a whole new batch of supporters, and he's tipped to win the show.

Here's everything we know about the 38-year-old soap star and his home life.

Who is Andy Whyment's wife?

Andy is married to Nichola, 32, and they have three children Thomas, 11, and Hollie nine.

They got married in 2007, and currently live in Atherton, near Manchester.

Ahead of entering the I'm A Celeb camp, he told OK! Magazine that they have an idyllic relationship.

He said: "I’ve been punching above my weight for years.

"She’s gorgeous!’ He continued: ‘I’m a very lucky bloke. We’ve been together 14 years and we just don’t argue. We get on so well."

They won't be having more children. In 2017 he revealed he has undergone a vasectomy.

He said: "There's no chance [of having anymore kids] as I had the snip a few years ago.

"We said we wanted two kids and we have been really fortunate to have a boy and a girl."

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Coronation star Andrew Whyment and Nicola Willis
Coronation star Andrew Whyment and Nicola Willis. Picture: Getty

Why did Andy cry about his care package?

As part of a trial, Andy headed out with some other campers to try and win the campers their care packages from home.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, he said: "I hope that we get the 12 stars and the 12 packages and today will be a different day and everyone will be happy."

Later he added "I'm right at the bottom of the roast dinner list but to just get a picture from home. 

"I miss my kids so much" he said as he wiped tears from his eyes in the Bush Telegraph. 

"Hopefully we'll get the 12 packages because I think everyone would like a picture of home so if that could happen I think it would be the best day in here by far."

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Andy and his family, pictured in 2017
Andy and his family, pictured in 2017. Picture: Twitter / @andywhyment81

What has Nichola said about her husband heading Down Under?

Nichola spoke to the Mirror about how she and the kids reacted to see Andy crying over his care package sent from home.

She explained: “It really upset us to see Andy upset, when you see him laughing and joking it makes it so much easier as I know he is enjoying the experience.

“I knew it would mean an awful lot to him to get the photograph of the family.

Andrew pictured looking suited and booted at a glitzy showbiz event
Andrew pictured looking suited and booted at a glitzy showbiz event. Picture: Getty

“Hollie cried because he didn’t get a roast dinner so there would have been tears for sure if he didn’t get his package.

“Honestly, I can’t wait to get to Australia so we are at least in the same country as him. I am hoping that I don’t cry and make a show of myself when I first see him but I will most definitely be giving him a big kiss and hug.”