Line of Duty's Martin Compston and Vicky MccLure fear their characters could be killed off

16 March 2021, 11:45 | Updated: 16 March 2021, 11:48

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Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

DS Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming have starred in Line of Duty from series one, but could they be killed off?

Line of Duty fans try to stay calm because the sixth series is finally returning to BBC THIS weekend.

And with so many big questions from season five still to be answered, it’s definitely going to be dramatic.

But now stars of the show Martin Compston and Vicky McClure have admitted they are scared their characters are going to be killed off at any moment.

The actors - who play AC-12 anti-corruption duo DS Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming - have said they don’t know what writer Jed Mercurio has in store for them.

Martin Compston plays DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty
Martin Compston plays DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty. Picture: BBC

“It would be interesting in this series or next if one of us goes,” Martin told The Mirror.

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“We haven’t dealt with this, we kinda now come as one package in our heads.

“With Jed, he would never do it for the sake of doing it, it would be to further the story. But it would be interesting.

“It is hard to think how it's going to work, knowing one of them wasn’t going to be there. So that would be interesting if it ever came up.”

Ahead of the new series, Vicky also said she has never felt safe in the hands of Jed Mercurio, as she added: “I mean, it would be a massive shame.

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming in Line of Duty
Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming in Line of Duty. Picture: BBC

“When that day comes because you know nothing lasts forever. It will be a really sad time. It’s the longest standing job that I’ve ever had. So yeah, I’ll keep going until I’m told not to.”

More than nine million viewers tuned into the finale of the fifth season of the BBC police drama.

And while it might seem unlikely the main characters would meet their grisly end, major actors Craig Parkinson and Keeley Hawes have both lost their lives in the show over the years.

This comes as Martin recently promised fans of the show that they will get answers to some of the loose ends from previous series’.

Appearing on Lorraine, Martin teased: "Every time it comes back it seems to get bigger and bigger. It’s exciting and terrifying and with everything that’s gone on, it’s going to be a bit different this year.

When Lorraine asked: “Can you tell us anything? Anything at all?”, he responded: “There is one thing I will say about it.

“There’s a lot of big questions that get answered this year. I think personally, for all of us, series 3 was one of our favourites because it was sort of the culmination of series 1, 2 and 3 coming together.

“And with 6, it feels like that again — it feels like 4, 5 and 6 have been building to this, a big climax.”

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