Loose Women’s Kelle Bryan divides viewers after revealing she doesn’t buy children Christmas presents

19 December 2019, 10:26

Kelle opened up about her family Christmas
Kelle opened up about her family Christmas. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Hollyoaks star Kelle Bryan revealed she doesn't buy her children any Christmas presents.

With Christmas just days away, millions of parents around the world are busy wrapping presents for their little ones.

But actress Kelle Bryan has now said she refuses to buy her two young kids any gifts because they already get too many from other family members.

The Loose Women panellist - who also plays Martine Deveraux in Hollyoaks - shares son Regan and daughter Kayori with husband husband Jay Gudgeon.

Speaking about her family Christmas, Kelle told her LW co-stars and special guest Sharon Osbourne: "I don't buy my kids presents at Christmas because I think they've got enough people buying them presents.

Kelle has said she doesn't buy her kids presents
Kelle has said she doesn't buy her kids presents. Picture: ITV

“They've got three sets of grandparents, they've got relatives and family and friends, so I don't buy them presents.

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“They're sat there on Christmas morning with 25 presents to open, are they really going to realise that one of them isn't from mummy? Right? The rest of the year I'm buying them everything they need and everything they could possibly want and my children don't really need anything.”

She then went on to say she advises her in-laws on things her children need for the New Year, as she continued: “Whether that's a new duvet cover or whatever or a new rucksack and then they go and get something they really need and that really helps me out as a parent.”

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Before adding: “Then I don't have to waste a load of money and I haven't got a house filled with toys that I'm going to have to try and get rid of at some point. And I make them get give one of their presents to charity."

The former Eternal singer went on to say that people should think about how much they’re spending over the festive period as too many families end up in credit card debt after the big day.

But following her honest confession, Loose Women viewers were divided, as one wrote on Twitter: “#Kellebryan doesn’t buy her kids Christmas presents because all of her family do? Your the parent not them!”

Another said: “My kids don’t notice...The lack of presents that say from mummy might be a clue #LooseWomen.”

While a third added: “So Kelly doesnt buy her kids Christmas presents but someone that does go out and bother to choose a nice gift for them might then get that present gifted to charity?”

And a fourth said: “#LooseWomen Kelly why dont you just go and buy some presents to gift charity on your kids behalf?”

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